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I have several writing projects in the works.

A Small Town Season 1
Setting: As yet unnamed setting
Status: 1st Draft in progress (on hiatus and looking to reboot series soon)
Genre: Urban Fantasy + Horror + Drama
Serial Fiction (seasonal format, with at least one episode each week during a season run)  [I currently have an intended number of instalments for the first season based on the format. This is subject to change.]
Description: A young man moves with his sick mother to a small town on the Central Queensland coast to find that there is more to the town than meets the eye.
Old Instalments:

Playlists: Sunday Playlist 01/15/2017, Sunday Playlist 01/22/2017

Freak Book 1 
Setting: Freak
Status: 1st Draft in progress (worldbuilding & plotting)
Genre: Superhero + Science Fiction + Drama
Description: Laura has been hiding her superhuman nature for years. Now working towards her goal to own a bakery of her own, her life seems to be moving forward. However, her life gets complicated when she befriends the son of the prestigious Sauvage hotel chain.
Long Fiction

Playlists: Freak Season 1