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I have enjoyed storytelling for as long as I can remember.
I recall the first time that I saw an episode of the animated series Star Blazers as a kid. From that day, I became fascinated by the space opera genre. I also took a liking to RobotechVoltron (Land-force and Lion-force) and adored the 70’s television adaptation of Astroboy.When I could barely put letters together, my class was given a writing assignment in the school library. Each of us was given large rolls of dot matrix paper to craft our tales. I don’t entirely know what the other kids wrote but I ended up scribbling a short, comical science fiction story that featured many of my classmates. I thought that I was extremely clever as many children do at their creations.
As much as I loved science fiction, I later found myself drawn to superhero comics such as Thor, Phantom and Superman. I recall my first superhero creation, a heroine that I dubbed “Octolady”. I don’t know what her powers were exactly but in my tiny brain, I knew that she was awesome. I would later create another hero that called himself “Tigrah” that was more fleshed out. He was a rich dude that was smart and had “skillz”. His backstory was not terrible even though he was a little bit of a Batman ripoff. Oh well.
My love of fantasy developed after seeing a cartoon adaptation of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I later read several of the books in the series and became a little obsessed. In my teen years, came up with a character that would go to a fantasy world when she slept and would be guided through the odd world by her romantic interest that was a hunter. One of the side characters in that world has stuck around surprisingly. Randal transformed from simple hunter into a half-changeling that will make an appearance in one of the several fantasy settings sometime down the track.

My tastes have changed somewhat over the years but I still find myself drawn to a good character-driven story. I also really enjoy world-building, making science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, horror and alternative world history rather appealing. However, first and foremost are the characters that populate these worlds. They have their share of problems to deal with and need others to help them navigate those same problems. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you are, people need other people.
You will often see some element of romance in the stories that I like to write. Sometimes these relationships will also run their course, sometimes they will be unrequited and other times they will they will be long-lasting. I will attempt to write stories with relationships that run the gambit of the human experience. Our relationships, familial, erotic and romantic tell us a lot about who we are as human beings.

On this blog, I will periodically post early drafts of my long and short fiction, which includes serialised fiction and short stories. Sometimes it will be messy but I look forward to sharing my efforts with you guys over time. I have organised my various projects by status into separate sub-pages for ease of navigation.