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Sunday Playlist 02/25/2018

This week’s playlist is another collection of sweet songs about love. I know that I’ve posted a few playlists with this theme but that is because it resonates with me. This time around, I’ve tried to mix the genres up significantly more than usual. You’ll find country, electronic, reggae and at least one song with a bit of a Bee Gees vibe to it.
Human beings are social creatures that need each other. Over time, we make numerous connections with each other. That connection can be for a brief moment as well as a lifelong bond. Whatever the case, human beings crave connection. For many the closest bond is that of a lifelong lover.

  1. You Love by Jai Lynn from Jai Lynn EP [USA]
  2. Beautiful Was the Time by Jarek Laaser from Angel of Heart EP [DEU]
  3. Interlude by Joe Playo from Summer of Joe [USA]
  4. Blind Love by The Woods [ITA]
  5. Sweet by Tamara Laurel from Lightning EP [USA]
  6. Sweeter Love by Bryan Art from Bryan Art (album) [JAM]
  7. All My life by Bryyn from Crossing State Lines (album) [USA]
  8. I’ll Wait by Jonathan Dimmel from The Worst and the Best (album) [USA]
  9. Your Sweet Love by Finn Anderson from Oceanic EP [GBR]
  10. Cover Me (album version) by David Krystal from She Sings to Me (album) [CAN]

You can find the playlist here.