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Sunday Playlist 08/27/2017

Hello again! I hope that you had a safe and enjoyable weekend. This week’s playlist is a collection of songs about youth. In our youth, we are bombarded by a host of new ideas and experiences. We have to navigate the good and the bad, truth and lies, in order to develop a nuanced understanding of the world. Some people obviously do it better than others. Many of these same techniques for thinking through problems and determining truth having a lasting impact as well.

  1. Stay by The Eastern Ellises from Nightwavs [CAN]
  2. Games (2nd Edit) by Square A Saw [DEU]
  3. Walk With the Dead by State Shirt from Lost Hills [USA]
  4. Clubbers Mix by Eddie McGilvray from Flatout Beats 2 [AUS]
  5. Earworm by Jaief & Asong from Earworms [DEU]
  6. Through the Night (Radio Edit) by DJRMusica [ESP]
  7. Burn Away by Other Noises from S.L.A.S.H [RUS]
  8. Monkeys Jumping by Rusty Tea Makers from Show It To Your Mother [RUS]
  9. Wunderkind by Kevin S. from Wunderkind [DEU]
  10. City by We Are FM from Season One [NLD]

You can find the playlist here.