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Sunday Playlist 04/08/2018

Sorry for not posting last week. The night before, a friend passed on and I really didn’t feel like blogging. I decided to take the entire week off.

Well, this week’s playlist is a collection of weird and wonderful music that evoke other times and places. It is a bit different from my previous playlists but I think it does a great job of showcasing some hidden gems from various genres. I hope that you enjoy these tracks as much as I did.

  1. The Division by Killo-gram [UKR]
  2. Creamy Story by Kognitif from Monometric (album) [FRA]
  3. Blueberry Hill by Boogie Belgique from Blueberry Hill [BEL]
  4. Soul Key (Cuts by DJ Crabees) by ProLeteR from Curses from Past Times (album) [FRA]
  5. Pressures by Becays from Pressures EP [FRA]
  6. Autumn Girl by Hot Fiction from Dark Room (album) [GBR]
  7. Over by Heartskin from One (album) [RUS]
  8. Chestnuts (instrumental) by Soundatelier from Doberman (album) [RUS]
  9. Skeletons by Heifervescent from Logic Decimator (album) [GBR]
  10. Piccolo by Jarek Laaser from Shadow in Silence (album) [DEU]

You can find the playlist here.


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Sunday Playlist 03/18/2018

Hello again! Another week has passed and it time for another playlist. This time around, I have a collection of electronic dance and electropop tracks for you guys. I hope that you guys enjoy the compilation and consider checking out the featured artists.

  1. Red Moonlight (Radio Edit) by Pokki DJ [ITA]
  2. Take It To The Top by DJ Karda from Maximum Music (album) [CZE]
  3. Its Over by Jarek Laaser from Annailhating Rhythm (album) [DEU]
  4. Synapse by TheVicious from The Beginning (album) [AUS]
  5. Moments by the.madpix.project from Moments (single) [DEU]
  6. Never Deny (feat. Sabina) by Soundatelier [RUS]
  7. Safe & Sound by Sean Green from Rising (album) [DEU]
  8. No Regrets (feat. Lokka) by PlatinumEDM [FRA]
  9. Fernweh (feat. Mindmovie) by Kevin S. from Farben (album) [DEU]
  10. The Sun Goes Down by Fhernando from Last Days of Disco (album) [ITA]

You can find the playlist here.

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Sunday Playlist 01/22/2017

The theme for this week’s playlist is “Strange Love”, a collection of ten playful, strange, and angsty songs dealing with the craziness surrounding love, life and infatuation.

  1. Crazy Like a Fox by A Virtual Friend from Friend
  2. Born Again by This Public Life from The Banquet
  3. Shiver by Steep from New Horizons
  4. Zodiac Virtues by Diablo Swing Orchestra from The Butcher’s Ballroom
  5. Bad Girl by Neon Niteclub from Eighty4
  6. Welcome Sinner by Fresh Body Shop from Bring Me Down
  7. I’m Growing Fangs by Great White Buffalo from Fangs
  8. Moonlight (original) by Soundatelier from The Machines
  9. All Around by MoOt from The Solitary Quest
  10. Girls Around by LukHash from The Far End of the World

Love is weird. Sometimes the feeling isn’t mutual either. Perhaps we go a little crazy in an effort to get the attention of the person that we love, even to the point of obsession. Stalker much? But is it love if we do not care about the feelings of that other person? Some people are unable to tell the difference.

The happy couple

The happy couple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Life is often unpredictable, and we need people in our lives to support us when every single thing starts to come crashing down upon us. We need others, but we should be there for them as well. It can be something as simple as a pat on the shoulder or a greeting to acknowledge their presence.

Infatuation is that single-minded focus on one person. Screaming girls screaming for their idol, rooms covered in merchandise that gives them the mistaken impression that it makes them closer to the one that they adore. Some may even throw panties at their idol at concerts in order to get his/her attention. In their mind, their idol cannot do anything wrong.

You can find the playlist here.