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TV Review: Something About One Percent Episode 11

Episodes: episode 10/16 of English subbed KDrama series
Something About 1 Percent Online: MyDramaList, DramaFeverIMDBAsianWiki
Genre: Romantic Comedy

It is that time of the week again, where I go over the next episode of the weekly Asian Drama. I know that it is a day late. Oh, well. I’ll blame it on the numerous adorable animal videos that I watched yesterday.

In this week’s episode, Kim Da-Hyun (Jeon So-Min) tortures the idiotic Lee Jae-In (Ha Seok-Jin) over the lie that was revealed at the end of the last episode. Whilst short-lived, it at least dealt with that. Min Tae-Ha (Kim Hyung Min) discusses it with his dad Min Hyuk-Ju (Kim Min-Sang) who is none too pleased that his plan hit a roadblock. However, Tae-Ha has his own reasons for not wanting Jae-In together with Da-Hyun. Da-Hyun finally gets Jae-In to set up a meeting with his grandfather Lee Kyoo Cheol’s (Joo Jin Mo), who agrees so long as it is at an annual meeting that Tae-Ha hasn’t attended in years. And in the midst of this, Jae-In’s ex-fiancee Han Joo-Hee (Seo Eun-Chae) is still trying to mess with the blossoming relationship between our main characters.

Not a lot happened in terms of intrigue compared to last week, but the story seems to be moving noticeably forward nonetheless. We see Da-Hyun now more aware of what the will contains and Jae-In having to step up a bit more into the role of heir-apparent. We also see the perplexing character of Tae-Ha, who it appears has a separate agenda from that of his father. The story seems to be lining things up nicely. On a good note, the annoying song stings from episode ten were nowhere to be heard this week. Thank goodness for that.

Things that we learnt this week:

  • Deputy Han’s father owns a butcher shop
  • Balloons fix everything
  • Whenever a ladder is involved, somebody is destined to fall off
  • Dress-ups are fun
  • It seems that all of the wildlife has long since evacuated the city. I’ll blame it on that dog that Da-Hyun tried to save a few episodes ago. It was clearly evil

With only a few episodes left, one wonders how the last few threads of existing conflict will play out. I am kind of looking forward to it, and don’t have the same level of separation anxiety as I do with the manga Love So Life. I have my theories but I will keep them to myself for now.

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TV Review: Something About One Percent Episode 10

Episodes: episode 10/16 of English subbed KDrama series
Something About 1 Percent Online: MyDramaList, DramaFeverIMDBAsianWiki
Genre: Romantic Comedy

I am back for another review of my current weekly Asian drama. I did try to get it posted earlier, but I had to deal with the weekly manga that I wasn’t able to post yesterday because I wasn’t feeling well. In any case, here it is.

In this instalment of the series, we see Kim Da-Hyun (Jeon So-Min) meet with bitchy Aunt Whats-her-name, get harassed by Lee Jae-In’s (Ha Seok-Jin) ex-fiancee Han Joo-Hee (Seo Eun-Chae) at Hyun Yin’s (Im Do Yoon) boutique, and has numerous pleasant run-ins with Min Tae-Ha (Kim Hyung Min). Tae-Ha is growing more and more suspicious of his father Min Hyuk-Ju’s (Kim Min-Sang) business dealings with Chairman Han. Things get even more complicated for Da-Hyun and Jae-In when somebody leaks a false story about Jae-In and Joo-Hee being engaged, affecting stock prices and potentially hurting Da-Hyun’s trust in Jae-In in the process. Finally, we see Tae-Ha drop Da-Hyun off at her place and we end with a potential run-in with Jae-In who was waiting for Da-Hyun to get back from her moral support of Ji Su at an orphanage gig.

This episode had a lot going on in it. It is finally at a point where Da-Hyun will learn about that other piece of his grandfather’s will that he conveniently left out when discussing it with Da-Hyun earlier in the series. This lie-by-omission will likely create friction between our two lead characters over the next few episodes.
The episode also brings us closer to Jae-In and several other players discovering with Hyuk-Ju and Chairman Han are up to. This is a somewhat curious arc, but it certainly does gives us room to learn about the character of some of the other figures in the series and what they are willing to do to get what they want. Tae-Ha’s own arc is somewhat interesting in of itself. This particular character really does seem torn between his family and some semblance of ethics. However, he still doesn’t have confirmation of what his dad and Chairman Han are up to yet, which means that we have to wait for at least a few more episodes to see how his own character arc plays out.
My main complaint in this episode was some of the audio stings used for some of the dramatic moments. It was a weird cross between old Charlie Angels stings and something one would expect from the Six Million Dollar Man. It seemed oddly out of place compared to some of the other music used in the series so far. It was used minimally last episode, which was bearable. However, the frequency in which it was used in this episode was highly irritating and took me out of the moment somewhat.
So, what did we learn in this episode?

  1. Ji Su only seems to know one song
  2. Han Joo-Hee is a bit of a bitch and somewhat territorial when it comes to Jae-In
  3. Chairman Han may very well be just as dodgy as Min Hyuk-Ju
  4. Kim Da-Hyun likes to torture Lee Jae-In

With six episodes left, I am somewhat curious as to how the various arcs will resolve and how each of the characters that I have come to appreciate will find their own piece of happiness. I will be royally pissed if this series has one of those bittersweet endings as it really wouldn’t fit with the vibe of the series thus far. In any case, I have six episodes to see how it all plays out. Until next time!

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TV Review: Something About One Percent Episode 9

Episodes: episode 9/16 of English subbed KDrama series
Something About 1 Percent Online: MyDramaList, DramaFeverIMDBAsianWiki
Genre: Romantic Comedy

This review was slightly delayed, but I tried to make sure that I didn’t leave it too long. In any case, I apologise for the delay and will attempt to make it up to you over the next few days. I have no clue as to when I will have the next anime series review out. So, no promises on that front.
I may attempt to track down an earlier TV adaptation of this series after I finish this version as folks that have watched both seem to enjoy the other version from 2003 a lot more. I am somewhat curious about how different the two shows are from each other. I do find it interesting to also note just how many adaptations that a lot of Asian shows and manga have. An example can be seen in the various TV and film adaptations for the manga series Itazura na Kiss beyond the anime adaptation that I finished and reviewed a few weeks ago. The current offering in the more recent film franchise has a second and third part coming out later this year. As long as it is entertaining and tries to hold somewhat close to the source material, I will likely take the time to watch the franchise.

Episode 9 follows the morning after Kim Da-Hyun (Jeon So-Min) spent the night over at Lee Jae-In’s  (Ha Seok-Jin) apartment. In lieu of his fridge not having food in it, they eat at the hotel and Jae-In is accosted by his ex-fiancee Han Joo-Hee (Seo Eun-Chae) after he chats to Kang Sa Hee (Lee Kan Hee) about the file that his new mother gave him concerning recent stock fluctuations. Da-Hyun goes back to her apartment and Lee is concerned enough to leave work early in order to spend time with her. However, this is not before they learn that the dating contract that they co-signed was out of place even for a break-in. They go grocery shopping, eat a home-cooked meal prepared by Kim and he goes over some more paperwork while her apartment is being renovated. (FTI, he also just purchased her apartment along with the rest of the building.)
Min Tae-Ha (Kim Hyung Min) meets with his douchebag father Min Hyuk-Ju (Kim Min-Sang) who informs him of the change in his grandfather Lee Kyoo Cheol’s (Joo Jin Mo) will and tells him to run interference in order to have a shot at the inheritance. Tae-Ha is hesitant because he seems to have a sense of morals, unlike his dad. He is also sceptical as to whether his dad acquired information about the will legally.
Da-Hyun and Jae-In go to the bar at the hotel to meet Park Hyung-Joon ( Kim Sun-Hyuk). Queue ogling from yours truly. Joo-Hee shows up unexpectedly and tries to make Da-Hyun doubt a relationship to Jae-In, not just because of jealousy. (Let’s just face it, he has a shitty track record with relationships.)  Da-Hyun is upset all the way back to Jae-In’s apartment and he stuns her with what would have to be the most uncomfortable-looking and adorable kiss. He takes her back to her apartment which now has a kick-ass security system. They spend the first night away from each other since her apartment was broken into.

A bit more happened this episode compared to episode eight. We see evidence building up in regards to Min Hyuk-Ju’s business and legal activities, which will no doubt be uncovered by other characters soon enough. It also puts forward a moral quandary for Min Tae-Ha. Is he willing to date a woman just for money? Does he like Da-Hyun enough from their brief dealings to even consider her girlfriend material? These questions will be a point of internal conflict for the character over the next few episodes.
As for the growing relationship between Kim Da-Hyun and Lee Jae-In, we see their own view of their relationship at a point now where it isn’t simply business anymore. This is beautifully played out, but this also creates a point of conflict for Da-Hyun. As for Jae-In, it has been and continues to be a means for positive character development.
So, what did we learn from this episode?

  1. It was implied previously, but we know that Lee Jae-In is willing to throw ample amounts of cash to fix a problem. However, it is even better if that money is a good investment
  2. Han Joo-Hee still has a lot of misconceptions about Lee Jae-In, and is a little gropey
  3. Opinion: Min Tae-In may very well be one of the better characters in the show because his own morals are constantly tested by that of his parents
  4. Longsuffering Team Leader Kang Sa Hee remains one of the more adorable characters in the series. That man deserves a Coke, maybe several. The actor that plays him is also cute, but his attractiveness is played down by the body language of his character in this show

Now that we are officially past the half-way point in the series, I feel really good about the various points of conflict already in play. It’s been a really fun ride so far, and I look forward to ogling Kim Sun-Hyuk even more as we move ever closer to the conclusion of the series. This show, in spite of its flaws, remains highly entertaining to watch.

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TV Review: Something About One Percent Episode 8

Episodes: episode 8/16 of English subbed KDrama series
Something About 1 Percent Online: MyDramaList, DramaFeverIMDBAsianWiki
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Sorry for the slight delay. I was feeling a bit off today due to a crappy sleep last night. I decided that it was best to get some sleep this afternoon in order to be in a better frame of mind when I watched this week’s episode.

While Kim Da-Hyun (Jeon So-Min) is being visited by her mother, Lee Jae-In (Ha Seok-Jin) deals with his ex-fiancee Han Joo-Hee (Seo Eun-Chae) that is becoming more insistent that they get back together again. Kim discusses her mother’s concerns over their dating arrangement with Lee. Lee becomes concerned that she is talking about breaking up already.
Kim’s mother demands to meet Lee to put her mind at ease over their odd agreement, but Kim doesn’t commit to the idea. Lee comes over in the hopes of meeting his potential mother-in-law, but she’s already left. Lee sees it as a chance to spend an afternoon together walking around the neighbourhood with Kim.
The following day, Lee assigns Team Leader Kang to look into the documents that his new mother gave him regarding his uncle’s business dealings. After complimenting Team Leader Kang Dong-Suk (Jo Jae-Ryong) on his trustworthiness, Lee makes it apparent that he also knows about Kang’s dealings with his grandfather but doesn’t seem to hold it against him. In fact, Lee offers a certain amount of sympathy for the long-suffering employee torn in multiple directions by his family.
Lee decides to pay a visit to Kim at her workplace, much to the amusement of some of her students. They then spend some quality time together at the school playground. Lee seals it with a kiss. Awwwww! Unfortunately, their pleasant day is ruined when they return to Kim’s apartment to find that it’s been broken into and the place ransacked. (Remember that thing about some of the apartments in the area being burgled that was mentioned a few episodes before?) Lee sees it as a chance to spend more time with her.
Kim sees Lee’s apartment for the first time and finds it odd that he doesn’t have more than alcohol and water to drink. Lee arranges for somebody to look into the break-in as it is suspicious that nothing valuable seems to have been taken. While exploring the house, Kim freaks out over Lee’s bare chest while he changes into something less formal, to his amusement. She becomes nervous to stay alone with him that evening because… he has a really nice chest. He shows an interest in them having sex that evening and Kim is highly tempted because… he has a really nice chest. He attempts to get her to offer a good reason why they shouldn’t, but she can’t. However, he respects her feelings and precedes to work downstairs.
Kim can’t sleep, but not because of the burglary. Lee can’t seem to focus on his work because… WOMAN!!! Seriously, do they not understand the phrase “get a room!” Kim raids the fridge for alcohol, gets drunk and tries to distract herself with the Jenga game that she got for Lee’s birthday the previous episode. Lee finds her inebriated and during a rather adorable moment, the alcohol results in her admitting that she likes him. Lee is happy. As she passes out, he places her in his bed and sleeps on the floor.
Kim wakes up the next with the realisation that she confessed to Lee while she was drunk the night before. She becomes highly embarrassed for the admission and declares alcohol to be here eternal enemy. She then makes a lame attempt to avoid detection from Lee as she wanders about the house. In an effort to save a puffball dog wandering about on the ledge between Lee’s and his neighbour’s apartment, Kim and the dog’s fall is cushioned by Lee. He berates her for not thinking of her own safety.
Elsewhere, Min Tae-Ha (Kim Hyung Min) meets his dad at work and questions him about the odd upsurge in stock value. Min Tae-Ha knows that something fishy is going on. Back at the house, Lee plays doctor to Kim’s graze wounds. As Kim is putting away the first aid kit, she finds a photo of Lee as a kid with his new mother. Later, Kim helps Lee with his shirt and tie due to his sprained arm from being landed on earlier. They exchange googly eyes. Queue credits.

Not a lot happened in this episode compared to the previous three to four episodes, but it didn’t need to as it hit the right emotional notes. With the majority of scenes focusing on our main characters, we see Lee becoming a bit more likeable than Kim, something that I happy about because the character was a bit of a jerk in the beginning of the series. Kim is shown again to be inexperienced with men, but this is not necessarily a bad thing as it makes her more endearing as a character.
As for Min Tae-Ha, the brief moments that we’ve seen of him are enough to make me more curious. I really do want to see more of his character as he seems like a character that might be worthy of his own series. We have the impression so far that he is both smart and hard-working, but the relationship stuff will hopefully be explored later in the series because I can’t help but root for him. As pointed out in a previous episode, Tae-Ha is still tied to his parents, and this is likely to be an obstacle finding his own happiness.
No Attorney Park this week, but we did Lee’s team members have a short scene or two. Team Leader Kang was the more notable, with a scene where he proved to be rather adorable. As meek as he is, Kang is also a really fascinating character that seems intelligent but spends most of his time trying hard to please others. We’ve seen him deal with both Lee and his grandfather, but I would really like to see more of the character away from the workplace. I’d really like to see Kang be a bit more assertive, but one hopes that he chooses the right moment to shine.

Things that we learnt this episode: –

  • Playgrounds are sexy
  • Locked doors don’t stop people from breaking into your place
  • Lee has a really manly chest…
  • Kim looks adorable in Lee’s PJs
  • Stretchy Kim is best Kim
  • Puppies are morons
  • Lee looks weird in checkered shirts
  • Helping somebody out with their tie is sexy

This episode was certainly contributed something meaningful to the overall story. I look forward to seeing how the other instalments play out now that we’ve officially reached the halfway point in the story. Catch you guys next week!

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TV Review: Something About One Percent Episode 7

Episodes: episode 7/16 of English subbed KDrama series
Something About 1 Percent Online: MyDramaList, DramaFeverIMDBAsianWiki
Genre: Romantic Comedy

(Update: Sorry about the error with the title and subsequent link for this post. I should have double-checked both before the post went live.)

In lieu of internet speed issues causing problems loading data of any sort for the past day, my review/overview of this week’s episode of Something About 1 Percent was delayed. Sorry about that, but it was beyond my control. In any case, here goes.

Yes, there will be spoilers. Thank-you for asking. ROFL

In a continuation of their belated dinner date from last week, Kim Da-Hyun (Jeon So-Min) gives Lee Jae-In (Ha Seok-Jin) a concerned talk about getting more sleep out of concern for work affecting his health. After Lee gives a new direction to his team regarding work information connected to their phones, Deputy Han gossips about the possibilities of some reason behind it other than security concerns.
The following day, Lee’s new mother Lee Kan Hee (Kang Sa Hee) gives Lee the heads-up that his uncle Min Hyuk-Ju (Kim Min-Sang) is up to something and they both agree that he is a problem before sharing a bonding moment over Lee’s present for her. As Lee looks over the document that she gave as proof of business interference, Deputy Han becomes even more suspicious when he encourages her and the team to leave early in order to enjoy the weekend. Before they all start leaving, his ex-fiancee Han Joo-Hee (Seo Eun-Chae) arrives to discuss getting back together for the sake of business rather than love. He leaves abruptly and spends some quality time with Kim Da-Hyun. Hyun Yin (Im Do Yoon) gets a visit from her brother Jung Sun Woo (Choi Sung Jae) at the boutique where he asks her about Lee.
Back to Lee and Kim’s park-date-thingy, Lee is asked what he thinks is the most important thing in the world, to which he replies, “money.” He explains that wants to earn his own money instead of relying upon an inheritance. Moments later, Lee rescues an oblivious kid from being hit by a pushbike and he is amused when Kim playfully rewards him with a Good Work stamp. Lee’s new mother treasures the mecha toy that Lee built and gave to her, even talking to a picture of his younger self about his younger brother. Lee and Kim enjoy some rollerblading in the park, and discuss activities that Kim does with her students, and she further encourages him to try it out given that work advisors usually tell him not to do something that can lead to injury. (Where the heck did they get the rollerblades and protective gear from?)
Lee’s cousin Min Tae-Ha (Kim Hyung Min) and aunt whats-her-face (seriously, I have no idea what her name is) talk about family stuff, dropping some info about what happened in the past. Aunt whats-her-face seems mildly saddened by not having brothers anymore. She also encourages her son to continues doing his best because he deserves some credit as well even though he might not share the Lee family name. (She doesn’t seem like a terrible person, unlike her dodgy husband.) Back at the park, Kim messes with Lee about possibly wanting to marry her after he shows an interest in meeting her parents. He seems depressed. That night, Lee spends time drinking as he miserably thinks about Kim’s talk about marriage being off the table.
Kim is happy about Ji Su being signed with a new, better company. She tries to get advice from Hyun Yin about a present as thanks to Lee for his help. Min Tae-Ha (Kim Hyung Min) tries to start crap with Lee who suggests that Tae-Ha might be jealous of him. He also tells him that if he wants to win against Lee, Tae-Ha must break away from his parents’ influence first. The two part company and Tae-Ha is informed on the phone that Kim is there as well. After Kim leaves a jewellery store during her great gift search, Kim meets Tae-Ha for the first time. Upon delivering a lost child to her mother, Tae-Ha is shut down politely after trying to get Kim’s number. However, Kim is amused at getting the offer in the first place. Lee and Kim later meet at the Hyun Jin’s boutique under the pretence of Kim losing something again. Kim provides a mini-birthday party in the shop and shows concern yet again over Lee’s health as well as the importance of giving thanks to the people that have supported and loved you during your lifetime. Queue flashback of a previous birthday for Lee as a kid. Some cute moments for Lee and Kim as they fight over cake and take photos before Lee opens her gift of Jenga. Upon receipt of her second gift, the two discuss what a tie means and Lee adorably declares his intention to be her man. (He really wants her to give him a tie, apparently.) As Lee is dropping Kim off at her place, the two discuss the parameters of future dates. In spite of being concerned at Kim’s initial weird reaction at his declaration, Kim kisses him unprompted for the first time in the three months since they started dating. At his apartment, Lee phones Kang Sa Hee (Lee Kan Hee) and thanks her for taking care of him.
The following day, Lee and the team are briefed on future expansions to the hotel business by Deputy Han. Lee later gets upset when Kim abruptly cancels by SMS the after-work date that she insisted on the night before. Fade to black…

So, a bit more happened in this episode as well. We saw further character development, the further growth of Kim and Lee’s relationship, and some more foreshadowing as Min Tae-Ha becomes and his parents are given further importance within the story itself. There were a few odd moments, but the episode did a lot to move the story forward. It also had a few cute moments. The sound effects that were prevalent in the first few episodes seem all but gone now, further moving from the silliness of those early parts of the series to something a lot more serious.

Things that we learnt from this episode:

  • It is confirmed that Lee’s ex-fiancee was actually in love with him and will likely put in effort to get him back even after three years –  not a big surprise
  • Lee’s uncle, Min Hyuk-Ju is doing something dodgy business-wise
  • There is a lot more to Aunt Whats-her-face, but she is still a somewhat unlikeable character
  • Kim sucks at rollerblading. Rollerblading is also a great excuse for falling on top of your date
  • Lee had a little brother that died on Lee’s birthday 23 years prior, and Lee hasn’t had a birthday celebration since
  • Lee doesn’t respect Tae-Ha (aka. Min-Tae) very much because Tae-Ha isn’t his own man
  •  Kang Sa Hee is an aunt by marriage that adopted Lee after his real mother left for Canada
  • It isn’t so much new, but I never noticed that Lee owns and runs a Holiday Inn. Perhaps it is just that Holiday Inn hotels that I have seen in Australia are typically nowhere near the size of the one in this show

Obviously, this series has a lot of potential and obvious antagonists in play already, but how these characters will affect the growing relationship between Lee and Kim’s character over the next episodes is a guess at best. However, where the heck was my fix of Attorney Park? I missed him this past episode. The actor that plays him usually gets such amusing lines. Oh, the humanity. Anyhoo, that is all for this week. Have a good one, folks!


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TV Review: Something About One Percent Episode 6

Episodes: episode 6/16 of English subbed KDrama series
Something About 1 Percent Online: MyDramaList, DramaFeverIMDBAsianWiki
Genre: Romantic Comedy

The week has been an odd one. So many distractions… But I must steel myself and get back to the semblance of the weekly schedule that I devised before Christmas. I don’t want to fall back into mindless and unproductive routines. Enough of me whining about how much I have been slacking off this past week. Time to get stuck into the amusing task at hand – reviewing the sixth instalment of Something About One Percent.

Spoilers… Spoilers everywhere…

This week’s episode sees Kim Da-Hyun (Jeon So-Min) wear a dress and nice earrings to meet up with Lee Jae-In (Ha Seok-Jin) at their predesignated date after overhearing his description of her being “old-fashioned” in the elevator during the latter parts of the previous episode. Whilst Attorney Park Hyung-Joon ( Kim Sun-Hyuk) becomes somewhat doe-eyed, Lee throws a hissy fit because she shows a shoulder. When Lee complains, she points out that she doesn’t want to look “old-fashioned”, something that goes completely over his head.
We move to Lee’s cousin Min Tae-Ha (Kim Hyung Min) who discusses with his dad Min Hyuk-Ju (Kim Min-Sang) what he’s learned about Kim from a small amount of investigation. He also points out something that he already told his dad in a previous episode, that he now has somebody tailing his cousin. There is also talk about his dating, his dad reinforcing the notion of dating a good wife and not some useless woman. One assumes that his parents have very specific parameters about what constitutes a “good wife” and a “useless woman”, probably something to do with what it offers to them financially. It is obvious that that side of the family doesn’t want to leave anything to chance, such as the unknown changes to the old man’s will that they are still trying to determine the nature of.
Back to Lee, Kim and Park at the lunch… Well, it grows increasingly more awkward and Attorney Park finds it highly amusing how his friend is reacting to Kim. After Kim leaves, Lee finally realises what triggered her “transformation”. He chases after her at he attempts to make amends for the perceived slight, clarifying that she only heard part of what he said and that he didn’t mean it as an insult. He heads to the fashion boutique that Kim’s friend Hyun Yin works at to return the outfit and to encourage her not to lend Kim those sorts of clothes again… because he is still a goofball. Hyun Yin understandably considers him a controlling asshole. In spite of this, she acknowledges that her brother Sun Woo is too late in chasing after her friend, understanding the weird chemistry that Lee and Kim have. (Let’s just face it, she understands that Kim acted out because she does indeed like Lee… and vice versa.)
We move to a conversation between Lee Kyoo Cheol (Joo Jin Mo) and Lee Soo Jung (Lee Hae In), where she grills the old man for info on the girl that Lee is dating, clarifying that the arrangement is for Lee’s sake rather than that of the company. She is worried about the young man’s future but understands that he needs to be happy as well.
In the next scene, Kim thinks about Lee’s clarification about what she didn’t hear him say… while eating chicken wings. He says some really adorable things. She has a further discussion with Hyun Yin about chicken and love. Kyun Yin proceeds to hijack Kim’s phone to apologise in her own unique way, by sending him pictures of Kim in other dresses. He appreciates the gesture.
The next morning, Lee sets up a dinner and movie date for that day. Soon after, Kang runs in with news about an important, urgent matter – a bomb threat has been made. He goes into emergency mode, arranging for guests to be evacuated. After a business-related meeting, he deals with the collapse of an American investor. Whilst Lee is dealing with that, Kim is waiting for him elsewhere, not realising what he is having to deal with. As she is getting stood up, he is approached by one of his exes, Chairman Han’s daughter, Han Joo-Hee (Seo Eun-Chae), the one that the chairman is now trying to marry off to Min Tae-Ha. She talks about how work always took priority for him. We also know that he shut down the engagement after she refused to sign a prenuptial agreement. She doesn’t seem like a terrible person, but she does seem a little pissed off at him three years since he broke it off.
Next, we see Kim leaving the shop where they’d agreed to meet, having stayed for hours waiting. Lee is waiting for her when she returns home that night and tries to make her understand what happened. In spite of him being clear about it being a significant threat of a bomb, she is still hurt. She suggests that they go back to merely doing the weekly thing until the contract period is over after he gets a call from Team Leader Kang Dong-Suk (Jo Jae-Ryong). Kim proceeds to cry in the dark, trying to convince herself that the relationship wasn’t going anywhere anyway. (She is not particularly convincing.) Lee does paperwork until morning.
The following morning Hyun Yin and Kim discuss the date… or lack thereof. As they try on outfits, the two show that they have no clue what Lee actually had to contend with the previous day. Elsewhere, Lee’s team have pulled all-nighters to deal with the fallout of the bomb threat and some other matters. Lee heads off to see his grandfather, leaving Han to get grumpy at Kang for petty stuff. At Cheol’s place, the two discuss the bomb threat, and Lee accuses his grandfather of the “prank”. His grandfather finds it hilarious.
Min Tae-Ha coincidentally sees Kim hat shopping and sees her talking to Ji Su as he considers approaching her. He considers that it might be dirt that his family can use to discredit her. After tutoring Ji Su, Kim has an unfortunate phone malfunction when about to call Lee… because she obviously likes bumping into people and dropping things.
That night, Lee waits at her door. Kim arrives and the two reconcile. We also see during their late night visit to a restaurant that Kim seems to have not heard it when he told her about the bomb threat. Lee decides to mess with Kim by implying some of the things that people sometimes do in hotels besides sleeping. Min Tae-Ha deliberates on Kim’s meeting with Ji Su by perving on some pictures that he took of them gawking at hats.
Back to the main characters, Lee slurps coffee whilst Kim sips quietly at her juice while they hold hands like a couple. In a cute moment, Lee promptly passes out from exhaustion after not getting any sleep the previous night and Kim goes goo-ga over his adorableness.

So, a lot of stuff was packed into this episode. There were a few moments when I suspected that Kim was having some horrid traits written into her character. Thankfully, this was averted by the viewer being reminded once again that she often doesn’t hear things when she is angry.
As for the pacing of this episode, it felt like it was waving a little bit… before returning to a coherent story again. We see just how much can also happen within the span of a few days, such as the introduction of Lee’s ex-fiancee and Min Tae-Ha seeing Kim with Ji Su.
What did we learn from this episode?

  1. Dinner and a movie is a must for any budding couple.. but will be ruined by a bomb threat (I am not kidding her. This also happened to a date that one of my brothers went on more than a decade ago)
  2. Lee likes to play with items that may contain explosives…
  3. Lee used to be engaged… And here I was, thinking that they merely dated
  4. There are multiple female characters that appear to be part of the Han family
  5. Just because you think that a person heard you, they may not have
  6. Girls like to play dress-up when talking about men
  7. Lee purchased the hotel from his grandfather for cash
  8. Your competition might like to snap happy shots of your when you are doing sometimes as mundane as hat shopping #hatstalker
  9. Coffee is not always the solution. Sometimes your body needs some sleep.

Though this episode was a little flawed, it still managed to contribute something meaningful to character development and the overall progression of the story. We also see some foreshadowing of some obstacles to come in the form of Min Tae-Ha and Han Joo-Hee. With this in mind, I look forward to seeing how the series will progress during the second half of the season.

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TV Review: Something About One Percent Episode 5

Episodes: episode 5/16 of English subbed KDrama series
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Genre: Romantic Comedy

In spite of wanting to get stuck into the rest of this show, events transpired last week to screw up my schedule a bit. As such, I wasn’t able to watch the fifth episode of Something About One Percent. Given that things are beginning to settle down a bit, I can now return to normal programming and maybe more.

You know the deal by now… spoilers and all that jazz…

The fifth instalment sees Kim Da-Hyun (Jeon So-Min) visited by her best friend-slash-moocher Hyun Yin after her friend hears on the grapevine that Kim is dating a mystery man and wants the low-down. Attorney Park is drilled by Lee Kyoo Cheol (Joo Jin Mo) as to what he knows about the progress (or lack thereof) of Lee and Kim’s relationship. Lee Kyoo Cheol informs him that he knows that Park is an ally-slash-double agent for his grandson and Park informs him that he knows that Kang is a snitch for Lee Kyoo Cheol, Lee’s grandfather.
During a date with Lee Jae-In (Ha Seok-Jin), she meets the new husband of his aunt-slash-new mother, before being approached by her former crush, Jung Sun Woo (Choi Sung Jae), who happens to be visiting the gallery. He also happens to be Hyun Yin’s brother. We are also introduced to the girl that called Lee the day after the story broke about his date at the cultural festival, Lee Soo Jung (Lee Hae In), who appears to his cousin from his aunt-slash-new mother. Lee shows his possessive side by demanding that she have absolutely no contact with other men… because he is a dick… then tries to redeem himself by showing his protective side by inspecting possible entry points for thieves after they return back to Kim’s place and learn that several apartments in the are have been hit by burglars recently. He tries to kiss her, but she feels uncomfortable and it lands on her cheek.
That evening, Lee’s friend Attorney Park gives Lee a pep-talk about dating, suggesting that most of his friend’s previous relationships have ended because he always seems to let work take priority over his relationship. In lieu of this, Lee decides to take his friend’s advice by calling Kim that evening. After we see a quick update of Lee’s cousin Min Tae-Ha (Kim Hyung Min) to his dad regarding the investigation, a tail will be placed upon Lee to determine if the situation will affect them as much as they suspect. Whilst giving Ji Soo some feedback regarding a new dance routine, we learn that Kim has taken Lee’s “request” relating to her having close friendships with other men to heart, but refuses to cut off all ties with people that she cares about… because she is a NORMAL freaking person. I know, right?!!!
Ahead of Lee and Kim’s next date, Attorney Park visits Lee to see if he wants to hang out. Given that Lee is about to meet up with Kim, he invites his friend to chat about Kim on the way. Unbeknownst to Lee, Kim is at the back of the elevator and hears a bunch of things that she takes negatively… and ends up seeing it as a challenge to her womanliness.

Each new episode seems to build upon the previous ones in unique and amusing ways. In this instalment, we see new characters added to the story and see more of Lee’s friendship with the awesomeness that is Attorney Park. (Yes, I do find Park awesome and the actor is aesthetically pleasing). We also see the progression of the relationship of Lee and Kim, as well as some further character development for Lee as he considers what both Kim and Park have said about relationships. It does a good job of building tension as well.
I find it difficult to hate any of the characters so far, as it is somewhat easy to understand motivations for their actions because they are logical. That being said, I do like some characters more than others. I still really like Attorney Park, but unlike a lot of shows, I really like the main characters. I find it easy to root for Kim and Lee. These two awkward characters seem to offer something to each other that is lacking.
With the way that the story is progressing and characters are developing, I will be continuing this series. I find myself laughing way too much to give this sucker up this far into the series. Yes, I also like the romantic elements, but these are made a lot more enjoyable because of the humour.

For those interested, I will likely be starting the live-action TV adaptation of the manga Zettai Kareshi, in the next few days. I reviewed the manga in 2012, not realising that there was already a TV show based on the series. So many interesting shows… So… little… time…