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Music Review: Journey of a Feather by Ancelin

Year: 2010
Genre: Instrumental, Downtempo, Trip-Hop
Online: Jamendo

  1. The Journey of a Feather
  2. Walk on Air
  3. Apocalypse
  4. Fall in Jazz
  5. The Truth
  6. Happy End
  7. Childbearing
  8. Apolo 11
  9. Storm
  10. Go Up
  11. Eveux
  12. Une pensée
  13. Dance’s child
  14. Jungle of blues
  15. Un rêve
  16. Bubble
  17. Nanotechnologie
  18. Le_nouveau_né

I first came across French artist Ancelin on Jamendo a few years ago. The album Urban Cross was a pretty good album and lead to me downloading Journey of a Feather as well. It is one of the lengthier albums in my music collection as well but it is totally worth it.

Ancelin does a terrific job of evoking the sense of the modern cityscape in both albums. However, in Journey of a Feather there are a few more instrumental tracks instead of the entire album being Downtempo and Trip-Hop non-vocal tracks. However, all of the tracks seamlessly fit together under that wonderful theme.
The compositions are simply gorgeous and I find myself returning to both albums regularly. The songs offer that feeling of progression in time and space, bringing up repeatedly back to that idea of following something or someone. That continuity of theme also gives us a great starting point for creatives looking for some prompts.
Do I have any favourite songs on this album? If I had to choose, I would pick Dance’s Child. The song is an odd mix of world music with downtempo that makes it the obvious choice. Why? Because it evokes the sense of the multicultural city.

In conclusion, really enjoyed this album. I highly recommend this album to creatives looking to get in specific moods for creating their “shinies” and to people that are looking for some music to help them relax. Even if this doesn’t apply to you, it doesn’t hurt to head on over to Jamendo and stream the album.

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Sunday Playlist 08/13/2017

Hello again! I have another playlist for you again this week. This time around, the theme is “sweet love”. I know that I have made a few playlists with this theme but I think that now more than ever we need something positive to push through all of the negativity in the world. This one is a bit more varied, with a few more instrumental tracks than usual.

  1. Love Isn’t Wasted | David Krystal | She Sings to Me [AUS]
  2. Oiseaux | Gabriele Bochicchio [ITA]
  3. Stock in the Stars | George Woods | Heartbeat [USA]
  4. The River | Ben Drake | I Don’t Live Here [USA]
  5. Winter Love Song (instrumental) | Vitne | Winter Love Song (single) [NOR]
  6. Come Home | Now Endeavor | Lost in Translation [USA]
  7. You’ll Come Too | Barefoot McCoy | Bye Bye Bluebird [USA]
  8. Soul Kiss | Entheos | Entheos [USA]
  9. #sweetsixteen | Grace Valhalla | Fomo [FRA]
  10. Morena | Haroldo Torrechilha | Muito Prazer [BRA]

You can find the playlist here.

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Music Review: Color Out (EP) by Color Out

Year: 2015
Genre: Indie Rock, Punk Rock
Online: ReverbNation, Jamendo, Twitter, Facebook

  1. Mercurial (featuring AJ Perdomo)
  2. Anything But Everything
  3. Ghosts
  4. By Your Side
  5. Winter Chill
  6. Pretense

A few years ago, I happened across Color Out on one of Jamendo’s playlists. It immediately perked my interest and I ended up downloading all of the releases available on the platform. Since then, I listen to their entire catalogue at least once a fortnight. Today, I will be reviewing their self-titled EP released in 2015.

Right from the get-go, the tracks on this EP have a more serious element that is reminiscent of bands such as Anima, Indytronics, and Floppy Dee. The vocals and other instrumentation do justice to the solid compositions. This is also backed up by quality production values as well.
Do I have a favourite song on the EP? Whilst I really love Mercurial, I would have to say that my favourite track is Ghosts. I don’t quite know why the song resonates so well with me. Perhaps it is those wonderful transitions and changes of tempo that make the song so impactful.
The weakest of the songs is Pretense. It isn’t as crisply engineered and sounds a bit more like a bonus track from a live performance. That being said, I still find myself enjoying Pretense.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this album and the rest of the Color Out catalogue to anyone with an appreciation for indie rock with a punk edge. And if you don’t quite fit into that category, then I recommend that you give it a listen regardless. If you check out the album, feel free to let me know what you thought about it in the comments section.


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Sunday Playlist 07/30/2017

Sorry for not posting last week. In any case, I have a new playlist for you guys this week. This time around, I’ve created a mix of songs that fit easily into the Adult Contemporary and Easy Listening categories. I decided on this selection because I wanted something a bit more relaxing. Both of these genres also tend to be more reflective rather than reactionary, something that seems absent in a time where we are bombarded by a vast array of information and misinformation on a perpetual basis.
How do we navigate all of this information and therefore determine the validity of the information being put before us? The same can be said for our numerous connections online. With so many voices, how do we determine what the motives of their various status updates and shared content? Herein lies the focus on reflection and evaluation, which requires time and effort to unravel. How do we also juggle evaluation of information, personal time, career and our interpersonal relationships?

  1. Parachute by Mirva from One [AUS]
  2. Into the Dream by David Krystal from She Sings For Me [CAN]
  3. Too Young by Snowflake & Loveshadow from Open in the Garden [USA]
  4. Colors by Entheos from Entheos [USA]
  5. Hitchcock by Finn Anderson from Uncharted Lands EP [GBR]
  6. Bye Bye Bluebird by Barefoot McCoy from Bye Bye Bluebird [USA]
  7. You Give by Emily Richards from You Give [USA]
  8. One Two Three by Eve [KAZ]
  9. Code 4 by The Gasoline Brothers from Hm! [NLD]
  10. Convelesence by Azwel from From Now On [USA]

You can find the playlist here.

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Sunday Playlist 07/16/2017

It is Sunday again. Sorry about the lack of a playlist last week. My hubby wanted some quality time and we ended up playing computer games most of the day. Good times! Anyhoo, this week’s playlist is a collection of rock from around the world.

  1. Meu Monde by Elipê from Indústria da Felicidade Humana [BRA]
  2. Sense in Working by Thomas Allan from Walks Like Chaplain [DEU]
  3. Robot Love by Nuns of the Tundra [GBR]
  4. Another Way of Living by nomoredolls from Another Way of Living [ITA]
  5. Pedestal by Nicholas Falcon from Nicholas Falcon and the Featherweights [USA]
  6. 21st (album version) by My Monthly Date from Chaos Theory [ITA]
  7. Life Comes Close by Michael Ellis from LifeCityLove [DEU]
  8. Come On by LM from Come to the Station [FRA]
  9. Echoes by Kolony by Sledge [CAN]
  10. Holiday by Kismet from Hiatus [NLD]

You can find the playlist here.

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Music Review: What is Love by Melanie Ungar

Year: 2015 (I’m not sure if the album was released on platforms other than Jamendo before this time)
Genre: Country, Country Pop, Pop
Online: Youtube, Jamendo, Facebook, Twitter

  1. What is Love
  2. Madly, Deeply
  3. Deeper For You
  4. One Day
  5. Open
  6. Let’s Start Again
  7. Madly, Deeply (Acoustic)

Melanie Ungar is a Canadian artist that I stumbled across on Jamendo whilst listening to one of the automated playlists a few years ago. I think that it was actually the third track of this album that drew me in initially. Since then, this debut EP has been a regular listen each week, with many of the songs making it into various playlists.

As mentioned above, this release fits into the categories of Country and Pop. I don’t listen to a lot of Country but when I do it tends to result in some regular listens. But what makes for good Country Pop? Well, not being generic is a good start.
Whilst the album doesn’t “change the game” it does offer solid compositions that a pleasure to listen to. I can’t say the same for some artists that have recently spent time in the charts. Her vocals are crisp and the catchiness of the lyrics makes me return time and time again.
So, do I have any favourite songs on the album? Yes. The third track Deeper For You probably gets one or two extra plays whenever I listen to the album. I also adore the fifth track Open. Why do I like these songs so much? Well, they cause me to reminisce about my own relationship with my husband of 21 years. These songs also do a great job of sharing the idea of growing attachment and intimacy between a couple.

In conclusion, I really love this album. What is Love is a must-listen for anybody that is a sucker for good love songs. If that is not your bag, then you have no soul. ROFL I also recommend the album for fans of Country Pop.
For those interested, Melanie Ungar posts videos regularly on her youtube channel (linked above). A lot of the content consists of covers, which she manages to add her own trademark style.

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Sunday Playlist 06/25/2017

Greetings from the interwebs! This week’s playlist is a collection of electronic songs for gamers, dancing, exercising and/or for folks looking for some high energy music for getting their creative juices flowing.

  1. Born Free by Pokki DJ [ITA]
  2. Messenger by DJ Karda from DJ Karda [CZE]
  3. Serenity by TheVicious from The Beginning [AUS]
  4. Simplex by Auquid from Reborn Future [UKR]
  5. Autonomy by Beat Laboratory [GBR]
  6. Energy Trance by Alexey Anisimov from Electro Music [RUS]
  7. I Can Be Myself by REC from Journey Through the Universe (EP) [POL]
  8. I Don’t Cry by A Virtual Friend [CHE]
  9. Showtime by Wexin from Free to Love [FRA]
  10. The Grid by Eddie McGilvray from Switch on the Hits [AUS]

You can find the playlist here.

I hope that you enjoy the playlist and that you have a kickass week. If you have suggestions for future themes or Jamendo artists, feel free to post in the comments section. Though I have some themes planned, I might be willing to deviate from the current schedule for the right song or theme. I look forward to hearing from you guys.