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Sunday Playlist 04/08/2018

Sorry for not posting last week. The night before, a friend passed on and I really didn’t feel like blogging. I decided to take the entire week off.

Well, this week’s playlist is a collection of weird and wonderful music that evoke other times and places. It is a bit different from my previous playlists but I think it does a great job of showcasing some hidden gems from various genres. I hope that you enjoy these tracks as much as I did.

  1. The Division by Killo-gram [UKR]
  2. Creamy Story by Kognitif from Monometric (album) [FRA]
  3. Blueberry Hill by Boogie Belgique from Blueberry Hill [BEL]
  4. Soul Key (Cuts by DJ Crabees) by ProLeteR from Curses from Past Times (album) [FRA]
  5. Pressures by Becays from Pressures EP [FRA]
  6. Autumn Girl by Hot Fiction from Dark Room (album) [GBR]
  7. Over by Heartskin from One (album) [RUS]
  8. Chestnuts (instrumental) by Soundatelier from Doberman (album) [RUS]
  9. Skeletons by Heifervescent from Logic Decimator (album) [GBR]
  10. Piccolo by Jarek Laaser from Shadow in Silence (album) [DEU]

You can find the playlist here.


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Sunday Playlist 03/25/2018

Hello again! This week’s playlist is a collection of tunes from across the rather expansive sub-genres of rock. You’ll note some familiar faces, such as Australian band Kinematic and The Gasoline Brothers from The Netherlands. I’ve also added in some newcomers such as Always the Alibi and Whalers from the USA. I hope that you guys enjoy this week’s playlist.

  1. Summer by Rusty Tea Makers from Show It To Your Mother (album) [RUS]
  2. Watch the Fireman by The Gasoline Brothers from Tsk! (album) [NLD]
  3. One Last Time by Final Round from None of Us Will Ever Leave a Legacy (album) [USA]
  4. Peyote by Kinematic from Kites (album) [AUS]
  5. After All I’ve Done by Always the Alibi [USA]
  6. Live Fast Lie Down by Beat Six from When the Chemicals Ignite (With Fuel) (single) [UK]
  7. Silent Prison by Retrosonic from Ties, Cardigans & Other Cool Stuff (album) [ITA]
  8. Mag-alay sa Bayan (feat. Saivitir) by Karl Ramirez from Sulong (album) [PHL]
  9. So Practical by Amelie from The Same Old Joke (single) [ITA]
  10. Cheat on Each Other by Whalers from Paddle Easy [USA]

You can find the playlist here.

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Music Review: Everything You Should Know by Silence is Sexy

Year: 2008
Tracks: 12 (this release)
Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, Rock
Similar Artists: Coldplay, Radiohead, Monoral, Screaming Trees
Online: Facebook, Jamendo, Bandcamp, FreeMusicArchive

Dutch band Silence is Sexy is one of the earliest bands that I came across on Jamendo. Whilst the members seem to have moved on to other projects, their several albums remain among the personal favorites of my music collection. Today, I will be focusing on one of the earliest of their releases, Everything You Should Know. Please note that this album is what led to me becoming a fan of their music in the first place. Today’s review is going to be short but I hope it is helpful.

Everything You Should Know is a collection of twelve songs with a gritty acoustic sound that contrasts pleasantly with the occasional orchestral elements. The compositions are solid, backed up by excellent instrumental work and crisp sound engineering. Whilst the rest of the Silence is Sexy catalog is enjoyable, I consider this album to be their best so far.
The album begins on a strong front, with the song This is Our Start?. This track sets the stage for the rest of what appears to be an anthology of musical stories. Whilst the album contains more melancholic songs, we see glimmers of hope throughout. This is made very clear with the second track Stories Yet to Come, the declaration that moments of sadness are not the end as much as it feels like it at the time.
Do have any favorite songs on this album? Yes. The eighth track Reptiles is energetic and a lot of fun to listen to. It is hands-down my top pick for the album. The song resonates with me and I find myself listening to it on its own time and time again.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed this album. If you a writer looking for a soundtrack for a modern-day drama or urban fantasy character-driven story, then this album is a solid pick. Artists looking for some melancholic and reflective songs to help with their own projects should probably check out this album as well. I also recommend checking out the album if you are a fan of the musical genres listed above.

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Sunday Playlist 03/18/2018

Hello again! Another week has passed and it time for another playlist. This time around, I have a collection of electronic dance and electropop tracks for you guys. I hope that you guys enjoy the compilation and consider checking out the featured artists.

  1. Red Moonlight (Radio Edit) by Pokki DJ [ITA]
  2. Take It To The Top by DJ Karda from Maximum Music (album) [CZE]
  3. Its Over by Jarek Laaser from Annailhating Rhythm (album) [DEU]
  4. Synapse by TheVicious from The Beginning (album) [AUS]
  5. Moments by the.madpix.project from Moments (single) [DEU]
  6. Never Deny (feat. Sabina) by Soundatelier [RUS]
  7. Safe & Sound by Sean Green from Rising (album) [DEU]
  8. No Regrets (feat. Lokka) by PlatinumEDM [FRA]
  9. Fernweh (feat. Mindmovie) by Kevin S. from Farben (album) [DEU]
  10. The Sun Goes Down by Fhernando from Last Days of Disco (album) [ITA]

You can find the playlist here.

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Music Review: Cinematic Volume 1 by Grégoire Lourme

Year: 2012
Tracks: 18 (this release
Genre: Soundtrack, Classical, Orchestral, Electronic, Ambient, World
Similar Artists: Celestial Aeon Project, MuswayStudio, Epic Soul Factory
Online: Jamendo, IMDB

Grégoire Lourme is a French composer that is one of the more prolific artists on Jamendo. Whilst his web presence is somewhat lacking, one gets the impression that the time that he would otherwise be spent social networking is directed to composing his rather expansive music catalogue. His albums are usually tied together by a theme, such as his 2017 release Spy. Today, I am discussing the first in his lengthy Cinematic theme series.

Volume 1 is a collection of instrumental tracks perfect for action, suspense, drama and science fiction sequences. The tracks are full-length and well-composed, making use of a big orchestra sound. It also utilizes pacing to great effect. I would usually go into vocals and lyrics, but given that it is an instrumental album it is not applicable. What I will say is that each track is a pleasure to listen to.
Favourite composition? If I had to chose a favourite track, I think it would be the ninth track The Empire Burns. The composition has a wonderful build-up and ability to elicit emotion from the listener that is prevalent in many of Lourme’s songs.

Whilst the tracks are geared towards film and television, they also work well as the soundtrack for writing science fiction, fantasy, action and adventure stories. If that interests you, I’d recommend checking out this album as well as Grégoire Lourme’s other releases. There is a lot on offer, so be sure to check out his music. 

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Music Review: Infinity by Slava Prox

Year: 2014
Genre: Electronic Rock, Hip-Hop, Pop, Dance
Online: Official Website, Jamendo, Twitter (protected tweets – not the case a few months ago), Facebook
Tracks: 9 (this release)

As with much of my music collection, I discovered Slava Prox’s catalogue whilst perusing the offerings at Jamendo. Whilst I listened to his album We Breathe Like One initially, I’ve decided to arbitrarily review Infinity instead because I like both albums and had to chose which one to review first.

Slava Prox is the brainchild of Vyacheslav Charikov, a rather unique musician based in Moscow, Russia. His music is an odd blend of Electronic Rock and Hip-Hop, which makes it difficult to find similar artists. Probably the closest that I can think of are Ocean Jet and Luzius Stone, but even that is misleading because it doesn’t tell you in which way they are similar. In this case, there is an industrial edge that manages to permeate the music of each of these artists.
Whilst there is not necessarily a theme to Infinity, the album consists of solid compositions backed by decent performances and top-notch sound engineering. There is a feeling of the epic throughout all of Slava Prox’s music, and this album is no exception. The songs are a good lesson in how to build tempo over time to maximise emotional effect. There is an efficiency to how all of those elements work together that makes me listen to this album time and time again. In my personal opinion, some if not all of the songs on this album easily rival the quality of music in competitions such as Eurovision, but without the cheese factor.
Do I have a favourite song? I really adore the second track Variants. I find myself listening to this song more than the others on the album because of an old-school guitars and percussion. There is a quirky Euro-rock edge to it that just resonates with me. Perhaps that makes me a weirdo. 😀 I also adore the fifth track Melting Days, which has this nice electronic rock dance edge to it that is perfect for an energetic dance party. This song is probably closer to a typical dance track but I don’t necessarily consider this a bad thing because it makes use of the better elements of electronic dance music.

I highly recommend this album to anyone looking some electronic rock with an unusual edge. The industrial and electronic aspects make a great soundtrack for fiction set in modern industrial and/or science fiction settings. I’d also recommend this album to musicians and artists looking for inspiration for their next project.

If you listen to this album and think of similar artists, feel free to drop me a line. I’d love to also see what you guys think of the album.

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Sunday Playlist 03/12/2018

Sorry about not posting a playlist last week. I wish that I could say that there was a good reason for it but there isn’t. I will endeavour to post on a regular schedule from now on. I won’t be posting a music review today but hope to have one posted in the next few days.

Anyway, this week sees a collection of songs from around the world, ranging from Rock to Hip-Hop. You’ll note some familiar faces, such as Russia’s Slava Prox and Germany’s Kevin S. I’ve also decided to introduce some hidden gems in the form of Karl Ramirez from The Philippines and French hip-hop artist Canice. If you like what you hear, be sure to check out these artists because I think that they deserve more people giving them a listen.

  1. Not a Moment Without You by Slava Prox from Breathe Like One [RUS]
  2. No Es Capricia by El Corma [ARG]
  3. Rimes Aux Poings by Track (O’Maxx Prod.) from Révolution Interne [FRA]
  4. Sulong by Karl Ramirez from Sulong [PHL]
  5. Pretty, Pretty by Canice from Underdog [FRA]
  6. Let Loose by Jonay from The Darker the Sky is The Brighter the Stars Shine [SWE]
  7. Zeiten Aus Gold by Kevin S. from Farben [DEU]
  8. Mizuki by Kinematic from Kites [AUS]
  9. Take a Chance by Zamza from Songs for Jukebox [RUS] [Move is arguably their best album so far, but Songs for Jukebox was what got me interested in their music]
  10. Be Cool by Big Infinite [USA]

You can find the playlist here.