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Sunday Playlist 06/18/2017

It’s been a while since I posted a weekly playlist. Sorry for being slack…

This week features a collection of songs that cover the more positive aspects of love yet don’t quite fit into the “sweet love” theme. They can best be described as “mature love”, “love anthems” and “retro love songs”. I’ve also mixed up the genres a bit to give you some variety. I hope that you enjoy this week’s collection.

  1. Far Away by The Moose from Scandinavian Sound (SWE)
  2. Dance with Me by Manhat10 from Take It [EP] (RUS)
  3. Endless Blue by Vitne from Endless Blue (NOR)
  4. Serendipity (featuring Celia Haberstroh) by MaiLit from BeYonD (DEU)
  5. Show Me the Way by the.madpix.project from Show Me the Way (DEU)
  6. Palm Trees by Ridgway from Brighter Days (USA)
  7. Chilly Morning by nomoredolls from nomoredolls (ITA)
  8. Ender by Michael Ellis from Tavis Vor (DEU)
  9. Ich Bin Frei by Kevin S. from Wunderkind (DEU)
  10. Love Overdose by Jyant from Love Overdose (USA)

Feel free to let me know what you thought of the playlist in the comment section. I also welcome suggestions for future themes. I have some ideas but am always open to ideas. Feel free to challenge me!

You can find the playlist here.


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Sunday Playlist 02/12/2017

The theme for this week is World Rock, a collection of ten rock tracks from around the globe that range from punk to metalcore. It might even contain nuts. Enjoy!

  1. Superhéroe by Some Noise from Some Noise [Spain]
  2. Caixa de Balões by Lafusa from O Preço do Horizonte [Brazil]
  3. Into the Sky with Ivy by The Long Now from Theory of Everything [France]
  4. Fine by Manhat10 from Take It EP [Russia]
  5. Heart of War by Message from Sylvia [USA]
  6. The Ballad of Jon Shannow (Or Wolf in Shadow) by Paul Lisak & After the Ice from Commerce [Great Britain]
  7. The Hipster Song by Retrosonic from Ties, Cardigans & Other Cool Stuff EP [Italy]
  8. Before the Rain by Singleton from The High Seas [Ukraine]
  9. The Search by STEEP from New Horizons [Germany]
  10. Double Edge by Swim to Drown from EP [Spain]

You can find the playlist here.