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Course Review: Managing To-do Lists

Teacher: Suzanna Kaye
Length: 43m (course link)

In this third course in the Improve Your Organizational Skills learning pathway, Suzanna Kaye offers some great tips and advice regarding how to organise your life better using to-do lists. She covers both paper and digital systems, including online and software-based offerings. This is all brought together in a fast-paced but manageable forty-three minutes.

I was mildly familiar with some to-do list apps going into this course, but it seems that there is a wide variety of both paper and digital systems available. The idea of breaking larger tasks into small steps is not a new concept. However, many of us fall back into poor habits that often lead to decreased productivity and effectiveness in achieving our goals. This is why building in the habit of maintaining and applying a to-do list is so important.
This course helps with deciding which system to use. Suzanna discusses numerous paper systems in some detail, allowing us an overview of what we need to begin. This might be a journal or ring binder that uses index cards. It is likely the most expensive system as well. We then get an overview of several apps on Apple and Android devices as well as online options. The focus is on apps that sync over multiple devices as this reduces the chance of having all of those tasks destroyed in the event that a mishap occurs. I ended up installing one of the suggested apps on my Windows 10 PC.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to organise their life more. If you anything close to my level of chaos, it will likely lead to a few decisions on your part. In any case, you are likely to learn something of value in this course.