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Video of the Week #020

The video for this week returns to the subject of language. Human beings communicate in a variety of ways. This is not just spoken methods but written, drawn and expressed in the likes of rope tying. Languages also vary in the concepts being conveyed as well. In the case of the Hopi, we see how different the concept of time is addressed.

I have decided to give you some activities again this week in order to demonstrate the concept of time. This is in the form of questions.

  • What is time?
  • What methods do you use to track time?
  • How does the passage of time affect how you perceive and interact with the world?
  • Consider how time is conveyed in any of the languages that you are familiar with. How do they compare to the few examples given in the Hopi consideration of time?
  • Grab an ice-cube from the freezer and place it in a clear receptacle. Observe and time the process using the method of your choice, documenting factors such as temperature, humidity and wind chill factor. Be mindful of how you felt at different points: 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 melt. How long did it take to completely melt? How did you feel at the various stages of the melting process? Was there a point where it felt like it was dragging out significantly longer than you would like? What other emotions did you feel about the process? Now explain it in 200 words, being sure to indicate your state of mind going into the experiment. Now repeat this experiment under three more different conditions: A strong taste in your mouth, Mozart playing in the background, play footage of a sport that you enjoy in sight. Compare the four conditions.

You can find the NativLang channel here.


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Keiko’s Video of the Week #006

This week’s video of the week returns to the subject of language, more specifically the language of logic. Logic uses its own symbols, creating its own strange method of conveying meaning and truth. Having touched on the subject in the past, I found myself fascinated by the subject. The problem is that I often have a lot of different interests playing upon each other. And that is where my early interest in the language of logic fell by the wayside.
To the video at hand, we see the first episode of NatLang‘s five-part series that is an introduction to logic and is one of several series produced by NatLang on the subject. The first video discusses constants and variables, concepts that are also easily extend to the subject of programming. However, the video itself focuses more on the linguistic value of the language of logic.

You can find the playlist here. You can also find the channel here. You’ll find a host of videos related to language on the channel, which range from symbolic written languages such as Hieroglyphics, spoken languages such as some spoken in tribal communities, spoken+written (the ones that we are more familiar with), scientific languages such as the language of logic (this also falls to some extent into philosophy), and programming languages. If you are interested in languages as a whole, then be sure to check out the channel.