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Sunday Playlist 04/08/2018

Sorry for not posting last week. The night before, a friend passed on and I really didn’t feel like blogging. I decided to take the entire week off.

Well, this week’s playlist is a collection of weird and wonderful music that evoke other times and places. It is a bit different from my previous playlists but I think it does a great job of showcasing some hidden gems from various genres. I hope that you enjoy these tracks as much as I did.

  1. The Division by Killo-gram [UKR]
  2. Creamy Story by Kognitif from Monometric (album) [FRA]
  3. Blueberry Hill by Boogie Belgique from Blueberry Hill [BEL]
  4. Soul Key (Cuts by DJ Crabees) by ProLeteR from Curses from Past Times (album) [FRA]
  5. Pressures by Becays from Pressures EP [FRA]
  6. Autumn Girl by Hot Fiction from Dark Room (album) [GBR]
  7. Over by Heartskin from One (album) [RUS]
  8. Chestnuts (instrumental) by Soundatelier from Doberman (album) [RUS]
  9. Skeletons by Heifervescent from Logic Decimator (album) [GBR]
  10. Piccolo by Jarek Laaser from Shadow in Silence (album) [DEU]

You can find the playlist here.


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Sunday Playlist 02/18/2018

This week’s playlist theme is “New Beginnings”. Whether it be sea changes, tree changes or changes in mindset, we’ve all gone through a change at some point in our lives. Whether good or bad, large or minuscule, change is the one constant in our lives. Sometimes, change is forced upon us by circumstance. We are forced to adapt in order to survive but these changes also offer up new possibilities that would otherwise remain unavailable. This playlist attempts to evoke the idea of positive change, change as a chance to become a better version of ourselves and find happiness.

  1. Himitsu, Village by the Sea by Vitne from Endless Blue (album) [NOR]
  2. On the Rise by The Green Duck [FRA]
  3. Let’s Get Out by The Moose from Scandinavian Sound (album) [SEW]
  4. Walking Shoes by Slim from Interstate Medicine (album) [USA]
  5. Evoke by Killo-gram from Evoke (album) [UKR]
  6. Fresh Start by Anitek from Anitek Instrumentals Vol.1 (album) [USA]
  7. Empty Streets by Omonoko from Animals (album) [GBR]
  8. Two Kids by The DLX [USA]
  9. Portasoul by State Shirt from Lost Hills (album) [USA]
  10. I Shall Cross This River by The Black Atlantic from Reverence for Fallen Trees (album) [NLD]

You can find the playlist here.

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Sunday Playlist 08/20/2017

Hello again, folks! I have another playlist for you. This time around, the theme is “Instrumental Love”. Included in the playlist are film and TV music and piano tracks as well as soft electronic tracks.

English: Skagit Valley, WA April 2003.

English: Skagit Valley, WA April 2003. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the name suggests, this week’s playlist is a collection of instrumental tracks evoking the feeling of love in its various forms. It is the love shared by lovers, friends and family. It is also everything that comes with connecting with another human being, including loss. It brings forth questions about whether love is worth those negative feelings as well. Regardless, every single day thousands take the risk of heartbreak and grief because they deem the rewards of love worth the risk.

  1. Respiro by Mattia Vlad Morleo [ITA]
  2. The Time Machine by The Morning Light from The Morning Light EP [ITA]
  3. Crépuscule by Oniric from Nowhere [FRA]
  4. Destino by Doctor Grijander from Free [ESP]
  5. Walter’s Waltz by Gabrielle Bochicchio [ITA]
  6. For When You Are Sad by The Insorribles [ITA]
  7. Dandelion Wishes by José Manuel González Núñez from In Aeris [ESP]
  8. Moonlanderlove by K4mmerer from Breakout [SWE]
  9. Skagit Valley by Kendra Logozar from Faith [USA]
  10. Evoke by Killo-gram from Evoke [UKR]

You can find the playlist here.