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Video of the Week #013

Hello again! This week’s video is a video by the perpetually scruffy Joe Scott, about the future of computing in lieu of Moore’s Law. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the term, the video also gives you an overview of what it relates to.

You can find Joe’s Yotube channel here.


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Keiko’s Video of the Week #011

Ahoi-hoi! I have a new video of the week. This time around, the clip explains some basics on computer hardware that goes a lot more in-depth compared to your typical discussion about peripherals such as a mouse or keyboard. We also see some explanations of what the content deems pros and cons of certain bits of hardware.

You can find the Computer Tutorials Youtube channel here. It features a bunch of videos covering a host of computer-related subjects, including operating systems such as UNIX.

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Comedy Video: Medieval Help Desk

I saw this skit on a bookstore website a few years back and it left me in stitches. Yep, I imagine that software and hardware support personal must go through this pointless dance each workday. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the subtitled Norwegian sketch Medieval Help Desk.