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Creative Prompts 2017-07-12

Today’s prompt is the second-last instalment in my current series. Today’s theme is “Night”. At the mere mention of this word, many of us immediately think of certain things. Given its tie to “dusk”, it evokes the sense of an end to the day and rest. Many of us also think of mysteries at Midnight and secretive cults meeting at abandoned churches to do human sacrifices, perhaps led by Steve Buscemi. Who knows why? Night also has a different context based on the region. As such, we see cities come alive with nightclubs and street food whilst rural areas grow noticeably still. The concept of night will often be tied to the lunar cycle.

Sorry about the lack of quote prompts this time. Hopefully, the prompts that I have offered will get those cogs working. In any case, best of luck with your creative endeavours. Now get to it! ❤


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Creative Prompts 2017-06-28

Today’s theme is “Dawn”. “Dawn” is innately positive and hopeful. Dawn is a word tied to new beginnings, not just the beginning of a new day. It evokes a wealth of possibilities, a chance to change our path. It also tied to perception and clarity.

I wish you the best with today’s prompts. If you can think of any other things associated with “Dawn” that I have left out, feel free to post in the comments section. Now get to it! 😀

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Creative Prompts 2017-06-26

It is the start of a new week and the start of a new series of prompts. The new four-part series focuses on times of the day because time of day has its own unique effect on any lifeform, be it a human being or a possum or a snake. The first part in this series of prompts has the theme “dusk”.
Dusk is that time of the day when the sun typically retreats and we often rely on the sun’s reflection on the moon for lighting up the night. In some places, such as Alaska, there are times of the year when one there is no sunset or sunrise. The transition between day and night frequently greets us with a grand and magnificent display of reds, blues, pinks, purples and oranges. Whilst it might be the precursor to night time, it is also the end of work for many people, allowing them to spend time with loved ones. However, Dusk is still typically associated with night and much of the myth and legend surrounding it.

I wish you the best with today’s prompts. If you come up with any other words or concepts that I left out, feel free to post away in the comments section. I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with.

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Creative Prompts 2017-06-22

*waves excitedly* Hello again, guys! Today’s theme is “Grey”, what is arguably the most gloomy colour. It is dull and doesn’t exude the same level of energy as most of the other colours. It speaks to gloom and sadness and grief. And yet, some of the cutest creatures in the animal kingdom are grey, such as the humble bunny. It is also the colour of several metals, minerals and alloys, suggesting strength and in the case of silver, something rare and precious.

I wish you the best of luck with those prompts. As always, if you think of something that I’ve missed then feel free to post away in the comments section. I will see you guys again tomorrow with the last installment in this series.

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Creative Prompts 2017-06-21

Hello there! Today’s theme is “white”. Like the colour black, white is another odd colour as far as science is concerned. White light is comprised of all other colours of the spectrum and is often symbolically tied to the colour Black for various reasons. The white hat is the sign of a villain in a western. As for other uses, we often see it used for bandages due to the ease at which it shows up blood and other leaks from wounds. It is also tied to death, offering that further synergy with black.

I wish you the best with these prompts. If you can think of other things related to today’s theme, feel free to post in the comments section.

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Creative Prompts 2017-06-20

Hello again! With three days remaining in this series on colour, today’s theme is “Black”. Black is that curious colour that many people refer to without considering that scientific aspects of the colour itself. For example, the colour is actually an absence of the various colours of the spectrum or an absorption of light itself. Of course, most of us are referring to something else when we use that term to describe something or someone. For the purposes of today’s prompts, I will focus more on the perception of something really dark rather than the scientific nature of this colour. I will be avoiding politics and identity politics as well because they will distract from the purpose of these themes.
Western movies used the iconic “black hat” to allow the audience to pick out the hero of the story. This methodology was used for many years. Compare this to the classic superstition about coming across a black cat. Where it is the symbol of a hero for the Western it is transformed into the cause of bad luck or a familiar for a witch. In Japan, it is apparently a transition for men to wear a black kimono on their wedding day.
It is often related to death and grief. An end to something can often lead to something new, however. This colour is also tied to black coffee. Caffeine inhibits certain receptors related to sleep, allowing us to stay awake. Coffee is conducive to long conversations

  • Text prompts: Charcoal, Ivory Black, Black Ink, Soot, Carbon, Raven, Licorice, Night, Secrets, Mysticism, Magic, Mourning, Death, Gothic, Melancholy
  • Title prompts: Black Coffee (Drink), Expresso (Drink), UCF Knights, Black Cat (Superstition), Black Mark (Society), Panther (animal), The Underworld, Benedictine Order, Anubis, Hel, Hades, Black Knight (Myth and Legend), Black Market, Marilyn Manson, SS Uniform (Nazism), Black Army (Anarchism), ISIS (Terrorism + Religion), Lucifer
  • Quote prompts: “It doesn’t matter if it is a black or white cat, so long as it catches mice” Deng Xiaoping quote, “I was wearing black clothes almost from the beginning. I felt like black looked good onstage, that it was attractive, so I started wearing it all of the time.” Johnny Cash quote, “Black and white is so abstract; Looking at a black and white photograph, you are already looking at a strange world.” Joel Sternfeld quote, “I want to be different. If everyone is wearing black, I want to be wearing red.” Maria Sharapova quote, “Good communication is just as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.” Anne Morrow Lindbergh quote, courtesy of BrainyQuote
  • Article prompts: Black (colour) @wikipedia, Black (word) @Merriam-Webster
  • Audio prompts: Walking On A Blackhole by The Transisters from Under Control, Scourge of the Black Spot by Sounds Like Chicken from …Like a Cannonball to the Ocean Floor, Blackwing Butterfly by Sekshun 8 from Black Winged Butterfly
  • Visual prompts: All Things Black @Pinterest

Best of luck with today’s prompts. As always, if you think of anything that I missed then post away in the comments section. I look forward to reading what you guys come up with.

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Creative Prompts 2017-06-19

Today’s theme “Purple” continues on from the series on colour from several weeks ago. For many, it is simply the mix of red and blue. However, “Purple” is a lot more than simply that part of the spectrum in between these two primary colours. It evokes thoughts of mysterious things done in the night. It also brings to mind those in high positions because of how the colour has been used over the centuries. As such, it is sometimes used as either an adjective or an idiom.

  • Text prompts: Mauve, Lavender, Violet, Magenta, Fuscia, Lilac, Indigo, Imperial Purple, Judicial Purple, Sunset Purple, Grape, Blackcurrant, Purple Fig, Passionfruit, Mulberry, Plum, Eggplant, Purple Cabbage, Turnip, Radish, Spanish Onion, Beetroot, Purple Carrot, Iris, Amethyst
  • Title prompts: The Color Purple (movie), Barney the Dinosaur, Purple Heart (medal)
  • Quote prompts: “Purple Drapes!” Ned Flanders in The Simpsons Season 9, Episode 9 + “Be eccentric now. Don’t wait for old age to wear purple.” Regina Brett quote, “Not to be purple, but I’ve never been a “bad boy” kind of girl. I like manners.” Toks Olagundoye quote, “I’m not posh, not in the slightest. My parents spent money on my education, but I wasn’t born to the purple.” Matthew Goode quote, courtesy of BrainyQuote
  • Article prompts: Purple (color) @wikipedia, Purple @thefreedictionary, Purple @colormatters
  • Audio prompts: Ultraviolet On You by The Transisters from Under Control, I Want You by Tamara Laurel from Lightning, Moons by Slow Corpse from Moons
  • Visual prompts: All Things Purple @Pinterest

That should give you quite a bit to work with. However, if you can think of any other things that are related to today’s prompt, be sure to share in the comments section.