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Sunday Playlist 03/25/2018

Hello again! This week’s playlist is a collection of tunes from across the rather expansive sub-genres of rock. You’ll note some familiar faces, such as Australian band Kinematic and The Gasoline Brothers from The Netherlands. I’ve also added in some newcomers such as Always the Alibi and Whalers from the USA. I hope that you guys enjoy this week’s playlist.

  1. Summer by Rusty Tea Makers from Show It To Your Mother (album) [RUS]
  2. Watch the Fireman by The Gasoline Brothers from Tsk! (album) [NLD]
  3. One Last Time by Final Round from None of Us Will Ever Leave a Legacy (album) [USA]
  4. Peyote by Kinematic from Kites (album) [AUS]
  5. After All I’ve Done by Always the Alibi [USA]
  6. Live Fast Lie Down by Beat Six from When the Chemicals Ignite (With Fuel) (single) [UK]
  7. Silent Prison by Retrosonic from Ties, Cardigans & Other Cool Stuff (album) [ITA]
  8. Mag-alay sa Bayan (feat. Saivitir) by Karl Ramirez from Sulong (album) [PHL]
  9. So Practical by Amelie from The Same Old Joke (single) [ITA]
  10. Cheat on Each Other by Whalers from Paddle Easy [USA]

You can find the playlist here.