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Music Reviews

As an avid listener to music, I come across a lot of album releases that I find worthy enough to share via reviews on my blog. I will try to review albums in a variety of different genres, including heavy metal and classical music. The list below is based on priority but is subject to change.

Upcoming Reviews

  • Last Days of Disco by Fhernando
  • For Tomorrow 2010 Edition by Emerald Park
  • Dreaming by Auquid
  • Great White Buffalo by Great White Buffalo
  • Thread Soul by Revolution Void
  • Implosion by Thornwill
  • Bring Me Down by Fresh Body Shop
  • Tierra by Xera
  • We Breath Like One by Slava Prox
  • This Aint Hollywood by Silence is Sexy
  • Copacetic by Steady Hussle
  • Urban Cross by Ancelin
  • It Shouldn’t Cost the Earth by This Public Life

Completed Reviews