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Music Reviews

As an avid listener to music, I come across a lot of album releases that I find worthy enough to share via reviews on my blog. I will try to review albums in a variety of different genres, including heavy metal and classical music. The list below is based on priority but is subject to change.

  1. Comets by Falling Blind
  2. Crossing State Lines by Brynn
  3. We Belong by FM Pilots
  4. Infinity by Slava Prox
  5. Cinematic Volume 1 by Grégoire Lourme
  6. White Silk Toga by Fresh Body Shop
  7. Black Winged Butterfly by Sekshun 8
  8. Every Thing You Should Know by Silence is Sexy
  9. Last Days of Disco by Fhernando
  10. For Tomorrow 2010 Edition by Emerald Park
  11. Dreaming by Auquid
  12. Great White Buffalo by Great White Buffalo
  13. Thread Soul by Revolution Void
  14. Implosion by Thornwill
  15. Bring Me Down by Fresh Body Shop
  16. Tierra by Xera
  17. We Breath Like One by Slava Prox
  18. This Aint Hollywood by Silence is Sexy
  19. Copacetic by Steady Hussle
  20. Urban Cross by Ancelin
  21. It Shouldn’t Cost the Earth by This Public Life

Completed Music Reviews