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PaP Storytelling

Like to support some talented storytellers? This page collates a few writing-related Patreon projects that I personally enjoy the work of.

  • Abner Senires: Writer and all-around cool dude that writes a kickass webseries as well as doing voice acting
  • Ameronis on RanGen: Random generator website for writers, artists, roleplayers and game-makers
  • Becka Sutton’s Firebird Fiction: Serial fantasy fiction author looking for extra funds to help cover costs of supplementary material for her worlds. She drinks a LOT of coffee and may occasionally resemble a hummingbird
  • Every Day Fiction: EDF provides a short story each day in a host of genres. The funds from the Patreon allow them to cover website costs and pay authors for their stories
  • Jonathan Fesmire: Fantasy and steampunk author that may be planning to take over the world
  • Krypton Radio: Science Fiction and Fantasy creations along with music from a wide array of different genres. Donations cover the cost of things like licensing)
  • Memorie Holiday: Mems shares stories about her travels hitchhiking around the USA when she was younger.
  • Old Man Civil: Software Engineer and fiction author that writes some really neat short fiction.
  • Paul E. Cooley: Evil author and podcaster that has an envious pipe collection and menagerie of pets.
  • Saladin Ahmed: Saladin is a fantasy author and all-around interesting dude.
  • Seanan McGuire: Sean is an award-winning author and feline masseuse.
  • Strange Horizons Magazine: SHM is a weekly online speculative fiction magazine.