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PaP Science and Technology

Below is a list of some neat Science and Technology related Patreon projects.

  • Applied Science (making neat videos on applied science)
  • Bad Obsession Motorsport (awesome and hilarious video series on modifying a Mini for racing) [I posted about the lads in January 2015]
  • Dave Jones (Dave creates electronics engineering videos and blog articles)
  • Engineering Explained (Jason Fenske is gathering funds to help put out more videos on mechanical engineering)
  • MinuteEarth (creating videos about Earth science)
  • MinutePhysics (creating videos about Physics. Who woulda thunk it?)
  • Numberphile (weird and wonderful videos on numbers)
  • Robert Llewellyn (actor and writer that makes videos on electric cars and the future of energy. Smegging brilliant!)
  • TMRO (astrophysics webcasts)