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Below is a list of some neat Science and Technology related Patreon projects. I have also decided to add in some craft and trade videos because of how many consider the science behind creating something.

  • Applied Science: They making neat videos on applied science.
  • Bad Obsession Motorsport: Two blokes from the UK have created an awesome and hilarious video series on modifying a Mini for racing) [I posted about the lads in January 2015]
  • Darbin Orvar: Linn and her husband making videos about woodworking, leatherworking, engineering and electronics.
  • Dave Jones: Dave creates electronics engineering videos and blog articles.
  • Dimicator: Roland Warzecha makes content about historical swordsmanship.
  • Engineering Explained: Jason Fenske is gathering funds to help put out more videos on mechanical engineering
  • LangFocus: Paul creates educational videos about languages and linguistics.
  • Lee Lemon: Lee makes videos about atheism from the PoV of an ex-Christian growing up in an evangelical and Pentecostal household.
  • Michael Cthulu: Michael builds fantasy-themed things out of metal and leather, such tactical combat spatulas and big-ass dragon-ornamented swords. You’ll see it from the planning stage through to the testing phase after the completion of a build.
  • MinuteEarth: MinuteEarth creates videos about Earth science using graphics and whatnot to help explain the subject matter.
  • MinutePhysics: Similar to MinuteEarth but focuses on Physics rather than Earth Science.
  • NativLang: NativLang creates informative animated stories relating to language.
  • Numberphile: They create weird and wonderful videos on numbers.
  • Robert Llewellyn: Bob is an actor and writer that makes videos on electric cars and the future of energy. Smegging brilliant!
  • TMRO: TMRO is looking for support to create their Astrophysics webcasts.
  • Today I Found Out: This group of peeps creates well-researched daily snippets of knowledge on a variety of subjects.