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PaP Atheists and Skeptics

As an Atheist and a Skeptic, I spend a lot of time watching videos on the subject. The list below consists of figures from both the left and the right politically, thus offering some unique perspectives on certain subjects.

  • Bettina Arndt: Bettina is a long-time professional journalist that now makes videos primarily dealing with sexual politics.
  • The Bible Reloaded: Jake & Hugo take an irreverent look at religious texts, Tracts and films
  • Deterlucem: Deterlucem debunks religious videos and issues affecting the Atheist and sceptic community.
  • Drtyhippiepanda: I posted about Panda in March 2016
  • Edindro Whitehall: Edinro creates rebuttals to identity politics, His smile also hides a love of plushies and pot pies.
  • Gad Saad: Gad is a cultural Jew and sexy dwarf that makes sceptic videos on identity politics and religion.
  • Godless in Dixie: I posted about Neil Carter in July 2015
  • Logicked: Logicked offers rebuttals to religious arguments and declarations.
  • Patty Politics: Patty is a conservative-libertarian that makes videos on politics, and farming.
  • Roaming Millenial: RM makes social and political commentary videos with a focus on evidence and logic.
  • veemonroe: Vee is a biologist from Romania that makes comedic sceptic videos.
  • Vernaculis: Verna offers an intelligent and thoughtful look at politics, gender, ethnicity and religion.
  • Wizard of Cause: Where once upon a time gained much of his living acting, the strange bearded entity known as the Wizard of Cause now makes sceptic videos, writes, games and sometimes creates audiobooks.