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Pimp A Patreon

There are a lot of talented and creative people in the world. Every now and then, we see an amazing innovation or creation released into the wild that dramatically changes the world around us. However, an idea can be difficult getting off of the ground when you don’t have the funds to develop or promote something. And sometimes, a creator will simply hit a slump where they need a little extra to keep their dream within reach. This is where the likes of Patreon do a great service for both consumer and creator.
Subpages of this one will be used to share Patreon projects that I think deserve some extra traffic. Even if you aren’t able to offer financial support, be sure to spread the word about projects that you like. Word-of-mouth really does help people discover interesting new things and it is often one of the greater barriers for good projects getting support.
I’ll add projects from time to time and encourage people to check back periodically for new listings. If you’d like to be added to the list, feel free to drop me a line via the contact page with a link and description of the project. I may not add all projects, but I will consider each one.