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Video of the Week #028

This week’s video is a demonstration in error-finding by Marcus du Satoy for The Royal Institute. For those unaware, The Royal Institute has been around for hundreds of years, encouraging children to take up the scientist’s coat through their ongoing series of lectures. You have the likes of Richard Dawkins speaking at events such as their annual Christmas lectures.

I encourage you guys to think about how you go about analyzing your own conclusions. How do you establish whether premises or conclusions are correct? Are you able to learn from those mistakes that you’ve been made aware of? Why not? How much does ego play a part? How could you do better?


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Video of the Week #027

This week’s video is another DIY, this time offering several woodworking projects by the DIY Creators channel. The descriptions are simple but the designs certainly are neat in my personal opinion. If you find this video helpful, feel free to check out the rest of the channel because the folks there post some really neat projects.

So, what did you think of the projects? What would you have done differently? Has it sparked any new ideas for your own projects? Feel free to post away in the comments section on this page or over at the original post.

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Video of the Week #026

Whilst this segment is usually focused on titbits on knowledge or mastery, I’ve decided to do something different this week in order to start a discussion on how we can change a design in order to change some element of the object in a fundamental way. This week’s video is a video focusing on a small craft produced, as created by long-time craft vlogger Ana DIY Crafts.

Based on the video, consider how the materials affect the use of the object. Consider the traits of other materials, instead of those used in the tutorial, How would these effect the procedure for making the owl gift bag? Would other equipment be needed? What materials and equipment would you chose to improve upon the design? How would they improve it?

Consider this an exercise in design thinking.

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Video of the Week #025

For this week’s video, we look another video by AlternateHistoryHub. For those that aren’t familiar with the channel, AHH produces neat videos that discuss how the world might change under certain conditions. It is the grand hypothetical but certainly an interesting watch. This week’s video discusses the first two books in science fiction writer Harry Turtledove’s World War series.

Based on the premise, what do you think would likely result if a species such as The Race attacked the Earth during eras such as WWII? Feel free to explain your best guesses in the comment section along with your reasoning.

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Video of the Week #024

Given my renewed focus on the writing process, I’ve started devouring more material on the subject. YT videos, books, blog posts, articles, etc… are all a part of the process of getting into the mindset of creating fiction and blogging. In this VotW, writer Chris Fox discusses how he improves his focus in order to get more writing done. If you know of any other videos on the subject, feel free to share in the comments section.

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Video of the Week #023

It is that time of the week again where I post a video. This time around, I’ve decided to post a thought-provoking video on the nature of radicalization by Nick, also known as Wizard of Cause. Given that doesn’t currently allow easy embedding of videos, I have decided to provide a link to the video below as well as one Nick’s vidme channel.

You can find Nick’s channel here.

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Video of the Week #022

This week, I’ll be sharing something slightly different from usual. Shadiversity released an interesting video comparing the defensive capabilities of leather and padded armour earlier this month that did a great job of challenging how I perceive armour. Writers, role players and people curious about armour will likely find this of some interest as well.

You can find Shadiversity’s channel here.