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Video of the Week #014

This week’s video of the week focuses on photovoltaics. For those that aren’t aware, that is the more technical term for the science of producing energy using solar power. Many of us already see the benefit of the technology as most of us live in regions where the sun is out for long periods of time. In spite of the benefits of solar, we also see people that still think that energy produced by fossil fuels are the better option overall. The video does a great job of debunking naysayers whilst focusing on the current state of the technology and historical trends. I only had issues with one of the solar cell examples given due to the output of the cell compared to what is needed to recharge mobile devices.

You can find the ColdFusion channel here.

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Keiko’s Video of the Week #012

I was having some difficulty deciding what to post this week. Then it hit me – SCIENCE!!! Who doesn’t like science? This time around, I’ve picked a compilation video of bizarre experiments from the always awesome British Pathé archive. It really is a mixed bag but in a good way as it shows the rather important role that science plays in our daily lives.

You can find their Youtube channel here.

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Keiko’s Video of the Week #011

Ahoi-hoi! I have a new video of the week. This time around, the clip explains some basics on computer hardware that goes a lot more in-depth compared to your typical discussion about peripherals such as a mouse or keyboard. We also see some explanations of what the content deems pros and cons of certain bits of hardware.

You can find the Computer Tutorials Youtube channel here. It features a bunch of videos covering a host of computer-related subjects, including operating systems such as UNIX.

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Keiko’s Video of the Week #010

Hello again! This week’s video presents a carpentry tutorial for making an exceptionally sturdy and versatile table design by the brilliant Linn from the Darbin Orvar channel. She also offered some earlier videos explaining how to make some of the tools that she used in this project as well. That teapot from last week’s video would fit perfectly on this awesome table.

I’ve been following Linn’s channel for a few years now and find that she offers some great insight into carpentry, photography and electronics. You can find Lyn’s channel here. I also recommend that you check out her Patreon here.

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Keiko’s Video of the Week #009

In this ninth video of the week, I have decided to post a pottery tutorial by the talented artist Hokujoh. As simplistic as the humble teapot may seem on the outset, we see numerous variations in style and structure around the globe. In the video, we see Hokujoh use a method originating in the municipality of Tokoname to create this lovely little teapot that I have no doubt that he has recreated time and time again. I will leave this one with you to enjoy.