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World of Keiko 2017-07-10

Ahoy there! Another week has passed. No grand or dramatic changes on my end, but it has seen a lot of protests by Antifa and Anarchist groups at the G20 summit in Hamburg. It has saddened me seeing how indiscriminate they’ve been. The ongoing trend has been the “us versus them” with more and more people joining the ranks of both the radical left and right. We tend to see more people cracking down on radical right-wing groups even though radical leftists are attacking people for filming them and are going around destroying other people’s property. Both are bad and they should be treated with equal disdain.

As bad as things are in some parts of the world, we also see glimpses of greatness and positivity that gives that glimmer of hope. We still see Elon Musk’s Tesla group continually innovating. We still see people going out of their way to help others via food for the homeless programs and trying to facilitate at-risk and in need individuals turning their lives around. We see people learning about the natural world and sharing their knowledge. So, regardless of the bad things that are going on in the world, we see people innovating and creating, helping others, learning and sharing their knowledge with others. These are all good things. Call attention to the bad but exult the good.

Hubby and I are still making headway in Saint’s Row IV. We haven’t clocked in as many hours this past week compared to previous weeks due to me wanting to spend more time writing but we did manage to get through a bunch of content. I also logged into Final Fantasy XIV last night and learnt about some promotion that offers a free (awesome) mount called the Falcon if folks subscribe for 90 days during the lengthy period of the promotion. Thankfully, hubby and I are both eligible. I look forward to riding, flying and venturing under the sea with that sucker when it finally gets added to my account.

On the writing front, I have started writing scenes randomly, stuff that I know will appear in my main series and want to get out of my system as they are becoming quite distracting. I’ve done this with a previous project before and it resulted in a lot of useful material. It is unfortunate that I never pushed on with that series. Perhaps I will go back to it after I have finished the first instalment in the Freak series. We’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, that is it for the week. I would like to offer a big thank-you to readers that have stuck with me over the past year or so. I do appreciate your ongoing support and hope to have some shinies for you soon. I have chatted to a few of you already and all of you to drop me a line to let me know a bit about yourself. I leave you guys the following nightcore song from the Astyles Music channel on YouTube.



World of Keiko 2017-07-04

Hello again! Another week has passed and not a lot has happened overall. I missed a few scheduled posts due to hubby wanting to play computer games nearly non-stop when he gets home from work. It’s also affected chores as well. I finally dealt with a rather large amount of laundry yesterday but the house in dire need of a good sweeping and vacuum. I will need to find some way to balance my quality time with him with my chores, blogging, socialising online, language learning and writing.

To the issue of gaming, we finally finished all of the missions on Saints Row the Third on Thursday. That led to several days of annoyance where we attempted to get co-op working for Saint Row IV. Because he had the international version, it conflicted with my censored AU version. We dealt with Steam Support repeatedly until an AU version became available for him. Due to some weird settings change my version wasn’t able to load at all. Hubby finally found the culprit. Checking one setting in Windows 10 allowed me to finally load the program and paved the way for us playing the game co-op.
We also have a few new games that we will attempt to play co-op, which includes Magicka. Hubby is sceptical of whether he will enjoy the game, but it should be a lot more enjoyable playing through the campaign co-op as opposed to alone. In all of these games, we will also be working towards finishing Steam Achievements as well. It is not mandatory, but many of these achievements offer extra challenges for players. This is a good thing as it gives some extra goal markers for a player or players.

To blogging, I am still having some issue finding a schedule that works within the various things that I wish to achieve each day and week. One thing that I will attempt to do each week is posting a weekly update on either Monday or Tuesday. The creative prompts will likely move to two posts a week. Manga reviews will be trickier given that I am feeling underwhelmed by some of the offerings of late. If folks have some recommendations, then suggest away. Same with anime and TV reviews. I will attempt to post a music review and playlist every Sunday along with a Video of the Week each Thursday.

I am making mild headway with learning French on Duolingo. I admit that I missed a few days this past week but I will need to put in extra effort to do a module each day ahead of revision of an entire grouping of modules. I have reached out to some folks on social networking to see if any of them are learning French and felt embarrassed when one of them pointed that French is his native language. How on earth did I forget that? I suppose that this is what comes from knowing some French people that no longer live in France.
Europeans often don’t have to drive very far to be in another country within the European Union because of the small distances between countries. I recall a friend talking about a UN conference that she attended last year where she tried to explain to a politician from Ireland just how big our regional council was. The chap had some serious time wrapping their head around the distances involved as his entire country could fit within our region.

How has my writing gone this week? Well, not as good as it could be but I have made some choices that make sense to the overall scope and direction of the project. I just need to write these changes into the pre-story. The prequel story will likely be between 15k and 20k in length once I am done. Probably a lot more wiggle room than a prologue. I am also playing with time travel and alternative realities which will have a HUGE impact on the progression of the world itself.
I am also still figuring out how explicit I want some of the sex scenes to be when I finally get to the steamy bits. How explicit they are will also have some effect on the genre as well. If I dial it back a bit, it will fit more readily into drama with some romantic elements, whilst being more explicit may venture closer to erotica. That being said, we’ve seen our share of TV shows that have explicit sex scenes whilst still managing to fit into other genres. I suppose that it is something that I will need to address when I get closer to integrating the scenes into the series.

What music have I been listening to this past week? Here is the quick list:

  • Day One (album) by Birds of Tokyo [Indie Rock]
  • Who’s My Baby (song) by Capashen [Electronic Dance]
  • Way Out [EP] by Could Ever [Electronic Dance]
  • Like It Never Happened: Noisetrade Exclusive [EP] by Elizabeth and the Catapults [Pop]
  • None of Us Will Ever Leave a Legacy (album) by Final Round [Punk Rock and Indie Rock]
  • The Girl (album) by Charlotte Perrelli [pop and Dance]

Books? I still haven’t finished the Karen Aaron book on writing. Yes, it is embarrassing that I haven’t finished it yet. I will get around to finishing it when I get around to finishing it. I have to be realistic here.

Anyway, that is it for this week. I leave you guys with the following film clip of Hold Onto the Metal by the band Royal Canoe:

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World of Keiko 2017-06-27

It has been another week. I hope that you’ve had a good week. My week has been somewhat productive and enjoyable.

This past week has seen numerous people attending Vidcon, which I have followed with some interest on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Some YouTubers have apparently reconciliations and friendships made as a result of people talking to each other. It also saw the shutuptariq hashtag trending in response to a figure that shuts down criticism with accusations of the other party being a “white supremacist” instead of addressing those criticisms. People are fed up with this sort of intellectual dishonesty and with good reason. If a person truly wants to solve a problem, then they should address legitimate criticism of what they say and do.

Hubby and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary last week. Soon after, the Steam Summer Sale started and he got me the removing parts of the Saint’s Row franchise. After that, we played some multiplayer Saint’s Row the Third. It was a lot of fun but we still haven’t quite finished that run-through of the game. As such, we’ve been playing together a few hours each night. I may suck at driving and flying vehicles but I at least suck a lot less in the weapons department. I will certainly get a lot better with practice.
What games have you been playing of late? What makes them so enjoyable for you? Have you purchased anything during the Steam Summer Sale? Are you waiting for a discount on any games in particular for the Steam Summer Sale?

In other news, I am back to doing daily lessons at Duolingo. The focus this time around is French given that some of the characters in the book that I am currently working on are French. I studied a little in high school but it is very rusty. I have also spent a lot more time of late studying Dutch and German which is quite a bit different from French. Dutch and German use some similar words, which allows one to assist in learning the other much in the way that Spanish and Portuguese assist each other. I haven’t come across a language that assists with learning French as yet. There is apparently a difference between Quebecian French and Parisian French, but I have no idea what the differences are. My best guess is that Here’s hoping that I can be consistent with my daily lessons.
Are any of you currently learning a language? Are you bilingual? Feel free to post about your experiences in the comments section and social networking.

What sort of music have I been listening to this week? Here is a quick list:

Books? I am still reading Rachel Aaron‘s 2K to 10K book on improving writing output. It is a decent read but I am also working on planning a book in the background. The planning is taking a bit longer than expected actually. Turns out that the planned prologue will also work better as a short prequel story.

That is it for this week. Before I go, I’d like to offer a shout-out to new follower theindianindiehead. Kaustav Ray has a really neat music blog that I encourage folks to check out. I leave you with a live performance of the song ¡Que Paciencia! by Sundayers from their album Cógelo!.

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World of Keiko 2017-06-19

It’s been a while since my last update. It’s been difficult for me to regain much of the momentum that I had before Cyclone Debbie. And, there have been a few things happening in my country of late that have been distracting. Some of the people that follow me on Facebook and Twitter will likely understand some of these things but I won’t go into further detail apart from me saying that some people want to shut down conversation about certain issues. Most of the people involved are good people but I think that they are wrong in this case. It’s also led to some folks and their work being misrepresented. This puts the idea of “journalistic integrity” into question as a whole. Enough of that depressing subject. It is time to talk about what else has been going on in my life.

On the blogging front, I am back in the swing of things now. I might have to increase frequency incrementally until I am back to the amount of content that I was posting before the cyclone struck but it will be a priority from now on as well as some other things. Time management will likely be a challenge but I really need to sort it if I want to have anything to show for my time. Based on some of the content that you’ve seen on my blog, is there anything that you’d like to see more of? I am considering posting about politics on occasion. Are readers interested in me posting that sort of content on this blog? If not, I might start another blog for that purpose.

In gaming news, hubby and I are now subscribed to Final Fantasy XIV. Yes, we were both playing Black Desert Online before that. Over the last four to five months, we’ve been playing less. For my husband, he was becoming less and less inclined to do active play. He didn’t tell what he was thinking but I did notice the lessened enthusiasm which I put down to frustration at the latency issues on experience weekends.
During his recent few weeks off from work, he comes out of the blue and asked if I would be interested in giving Final Fantasy XIV a try. I was sceptical but decided to watch some videos and read up on the game. He’d also mentioned that he intended to use it as a “holiday game”, which meant that he didn’t foresee necessarily taking a liking enough to go beyond the 30 days of game time that you get with the base game.
Then we played the game… and liked it… I found myself seeing logging into BDO as a chore but felt an attachment to members of my guild because they are a great bunch of people. The possibility of leaving them was a difficult one but I also understood how little active play I had also moved into since last Christmas. I jumped on Discord to see if members of the guild were logged on. Nobody was around, so I decided to drop our guild master a private message. I felt guilty but it also felt wrong to not tell them what was going on. In spite of G’s reassurances, I still feel a bit bad about it. My husband and I were guild officers and it felt like we were letting them down. It was an irrational feeling, I know that, but it doesn’t make it less difficult.
In any case, after more than four years hubby and I have a monthly subscription to FFXIV. We like it that much. We’ve also set up a Free Company (the FFXIV equivalent of a guild in other MMORPGs) to allow our toons to swap gear. You Can’t Join. Seriously, that is the name. 😀 It might be tab-targeting and lack the action combat that I liked about BDO and TERA, but there is a charm about the combat and the numerous systems that give me a lot to play around with.
Does this mean that I am discouraging people from playing BDO? No. It does have numerous elements that work well. However, there are some pet peeves that I have. One of those pet peeves resolves around… pets. There are a few other things but they are more personal preferences than anything else. That being said, the game interface has improved dramatically over the fourteen months since the game went live. If you do decide to give it a run, keep in mind that you’ll need a decent computer to run it.
What games have you guys been playing of late? What do you like or hate about them?

Exercise? *sigh* I need to get back into it but I need to focus on the results. One of those is the endorphins released during exercise once you get to a certain level of health and fitness. Good health and fitness also mean that certain things become possible and that barring any accident that leads to death, I will be able to be with my husband longer. Given that I love my husband, I see that as a good thing.

Now, some of you are likely wondering how my fiction writing is going. I decided to move back into the first instalment of Freak rather than focus on one of the other series in the same universe because that other series is merely a prequel of sorts for one of the characters in Freak. With the help of yWriter and reading Karen Aaron’s 2K to 10K ebook on writing, completion of the first draft of book one is well within reach over the next three months. Now, if only I could stop lingering on writing scenes and focus on planning so that I can avoid unnecessary rewrites and cuts later on. I will try to avoid posting more about the project until I have the first draft completed.
Yes, I am aware that another Camp NaNo start up again on July 1st. Given that I am focusing on my current project, I won’t be participating this time around. I will likely participate again in one later on this year or in early 2018. For those that are participating, I wish you the best with your Camp NaNo project as well as any other writing endeavour that you are currently focusing on.

Some other things happened of late that I consider worth mentioning. Sam Garbett has released two new tracks on Jamendo entitled Nostalgia and I Need to Go. Sunday Playlist 03/05/2017 opened with his song The Heat. The two new songs are a must-listen!
Based on a short conversation that I had on twitter with Vitne, the artist that I reviewed an album of yesterday, he is releasing his new album Jupiter in the next few days. Here is a link to the article on his official website where you will learn more about the release. I am looking forward to the release.
We recently saw an upsurge in posts about fidget spinners online. Some of these were hilarious whilst others were somewhat creative. Whatever your stance on fidget spinners, I believe that most of us can agree that somebody is making a lot of money off of a simple idea.

It is time to finish up this post. Before I go, I would like to off shoutouts to new followers Marvellous Fitness (gym inspiration blog), Said Christina (music blogger), Doggys That Blog (canine appreciation blog), nidjihouse, and Andrea Mack (food blogger). I am sorry that I didn’t give a shoutout to some of you sooner. I leave you all with the following clip by ProleteR:


World of Keiko 2017-05-01

It has been ages since my last update. As some of you are already aware, the Queensland coast was hit by Cyclone Debbie more than a month ago. Our area lost power for more than a week and local farmers now have to deal with ruined crops of cane and months of work building up soil due to fertile topsoil being washed away. As far as my hubby and I are concerned, the creek behind our house repeatedly came up to our back fence. We saw the froth of the topsoil and numerous items being washed towards the ocean throughout that time.
After the cyclone moved south and inadvertently led to Rockhampton suffering its worse flood in sixty years, we saw numerous helicopters flying directly overhead as it moved along checking for where best to send repairs and support teams. Most of the people in the area have a means to deal with power outages, leading to the perpetual hum of generators and the use of portable solar panels. It was yet another reason why I like it here. The people know to plan ahead and prepare for an extended period without phones and power.

In lieu of the extended period of time rationing power and internet, I found myself feeling overwhelmed by the idea of blogging. As it was, the whole thing also coincided with Camp NaNoWriMo. I wasn’t able to reach my word target in time but it at least got me thinking about a character that desperately needed attention. What it has shown me if that I seriously need to get into a regular writing schedule again. This might be put on hold as hubby has declared his upcoming vacation as “three weeks of Hell” as he plans on doing lots of exercise during that time to improve his help. That means that I am sucked into the vortex of health and fitness improve as well. I am seriously going to be sore…

I have also thrown myself back into playing Black Desert Online, forcing me to think of how best to deal with upgrading gear for my toons. I now have three pieces of TRI boss gear. However, I still need to get some Dim Tree Armour. This will make a huge difference to my characters as a whole. I am so glad that my characters can share armour and accessories otherwise this would be even more painful than it currently is. I have changed my node network in order to nab strategic points and also begun production of items such as Jukeboxes and muskets. This will likely change to fit with supply and demand as well as my own supply of materials. I may not be the using the most efficient methods for making silver in-game but it is currently something that requires very low maintenance on my part.

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World of Keiko 02/28/2017

It has been another busy week for me. Due to making the decision to play more BDO in order to spend quality time with some guild members, I spent much of the last five days playing. As such, some recent posts have been delayed.
I also made the decision to move my weekly music review to Sunday alongside my Sunday Playlist post. I figure that this should offer something more for folks to listen to over the next week. I hope that it doesn’t feel like overkill but I suppose that I will have to see what you guys think of the changes.
I will attempt to juggle my time a bit more effectively and efficiently but it might take a few weeks to find my footing. That being said, I am having fun playing the game again. For a few months there, I was a tad burnt out by the grinding for level and shinies. It was nice to have life skills as a back-up in the meantime.
I did manage to at least get an anime review out and am nearly halfway through the next series that I will be reviewing. I forgot how funny the show Bamboo Blade was. It seems that the show also managed to get more complex over time and still holds up quite well ten years later. I suppose that I will have to wait until Friday to tell you guys a bit more about it.

Not much to say on the writing front but I wasn’t really expecting anything special in that department. It is not to say that I didn’t think about Freak or my serial. I just simply didn’t put physically sit down to write. I don’t feel guilty about this because I do believe that I at least made a few relevant decisions regarding how the stories would progress.

Back to the gaming front, I managed to get the awakening for my Ninja this past weekend after sitting on level 55 for a few months. It was a bit of a rush and I found myself really digging how easily the character was able to take out several pain-in-the-ass golems in Mediah. Some folks will know exactly what I am referring to when I say “Wilderness Golems”. For those that don’t, Wilderness Golems are slightly overpowered compared to many of the other creatures in the zone. They also have some rather annoying abilities. What the hell is up with a lot of Mediah creatures having stun abilities?
I also started on the task of getting some other characters in the early 50’s closer to their own awakenings. I should have 3 more toons with awakenings in the next five days. This should be made a lot easier with some purchases that I made in the marketplace yesterday. Hubby gave me a pep-talk, as he often does. It had to happen and it makes a HUGE difference to overall damage output. I am also very thankful that many if not all of the items can be shared with my stable of twelve characters. My next awakening will be for my Sorceress which is two-thirds of the way to level 56. After that, it will be a toss-up between Musa and Valkyrie, with a slight inclination to play my Musa first.

Well, that is it for this week. I will post my creative prompt after this and try to deal with my weekly manga review before I turn in this evening. Here’s hoping that I will be able to post on time tomorrow and for the rest of the week. A big shoutout to new followers Edhein (anime) and shadowoftheoperaghost (KDrama). I look forward to conversing with you and the host of other followers. In any case, I leave you guys with this clip by Allie Farris.

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World of Keiko 02/20/2017

Another week has passed. Across all of the east coast of Australia, many people were dealing with their own share of weather-related issues be it fire or flooding. Thankfully, hubby and I live in an area that is for the most part isolated from such things. There are certain parts of our township that can be cut from for days at a time when we get a downpour but most of the people around her will have some sort of plan to deal with such things.

What have I been up to blog-wise this past week? I wasn’t able to get my anime review out on time again, which leads me to a bit of quandary. Much in all as I would like to write one each week, I also know that my habits have also changed in only a couple of months. I might have to drop it down to one each fortnight instead in order to have some sort of schedule.
I seem to be keeping up with my weekday prompts, with some folks actually checking them out. The process has led to me finding some really neat resources online as well as some talented artists. That is a really neat side effect of trying to release weekday creative prompts that are diverse enough to give folks some wriggle room to play.
I have also decided to post more reviews of Asian Drama and TV shows from now on given that the storytelling style is a bit closer to what I am trying to emulate with Freak.

On the writing front, I still haven’t finished writing the first chapter of Freak Book 1. You are likely wondering what the heck is up. Well, it occurred to me that I was lacking some information about New York City, the place where the story takes place. In spite of seeing numerous shows and films set in the city, I really didn’t know much about this iconic place.
So, I went about looking at maps to make sure that I had some idea of how my characters would get around via something as mundane as public transport. I also learnt a few pieces of terminology specific to the way in which the city is laid out. It was a lot of fun but I still have more to learn. However, what I did learn was enough to get me through the first chapter.
To the word count of the chapter, I am up over 5k now. The word count has fluctuated as I amended certain things to match up with what I learned about the city and about the architecture of large buildings such as high-rise hotels. Given that a large portion of the first novel occurs in a hotel from the staffing side, it made sense to get the description of how they would travel as close to right as possible.

That is it for this week. Before I go, though, I would like to get a shoutout to Civil who is a writer that I connected with on Twitter a few weeks ago. Civil writes some really good short fiction and recently started a Patreon page that I highly recommend that you guys check out. I leave you guys with the following song by the outfit Telepathic Teddy Bear: