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World of Keiko 2020/01/28

Last week’s posts:

It rained a LOT this past week, greening up the entire neighbourhood. The birds went nuts, enjoying the much-needed downpour to bring up critters that had been hibernating in the soil. This had the knock-on effect of getting me to do some long overdue maintenance on the worm farm. The top tray had become over-populated by black soldier flies, reducing accessible food for my worms. Whilst black soldier flies are solid composting insect, I prefer the less gross worms. For some reason, red wrigglers are somewhat endearing little creatures, encouraging my maternal instincts. That being said, I have been a neglectful worm mommy, resulting in the aforementioned issues with black soldier flies. I need to do better for these odd little creatures.

It was pretty neat seeing birds such as ducks wandering about the empty lot next door taking advantage of the fallen mangoes for some convenient noms ahead of the excessive rainfall. The latter was still a bit strange, but it seems that a lot of birds in the region make good use of the fallen fruit as a major food source. It works in numerous ways. The flesh of the fruit provides lots of glucose which in turn also draws bugs to the immediate vicinity, which means plenty of protein.

On the blogging front, my manga reread for Desire Climax once again had lots of hits this past week. Last year, I received around 190 hits. This year, I’ve already received 51 hits, more than half of which occurred this past week. Seriously? That is hilarious! Every single time I see spikes in readership due to this post, I find myself laughing out loud. No, I am not pervert-shaming anyone. In fact, I encourage you to embrace your inner pervert. I just find it funny that people are still interested in this series so long after it was published from 2004 to 2006.

I played my first game of League of Legends in around five years in the latter parts of last week. Whilst there have been some noticeable changes to my little bro Teemo, he is still a fun champion to play.

On Friday night, I had the pleasure of playing some team battles with Mike from the Mike_and_Rob twitch channel. It was a LOT of fun and our decks worked well together. We only lost a couple matches, which was mostly on account of bad starts on own part and good starts for our opposition. In any case, Mike is a really neat guy and I look forward to playing some more minion masters with him again soon. Also, note that he also streams games like Diablo 3, with the intention of branching out to some other games soon.

I finally got around to reviewing the webtoon series My Ex, Client this past week. I did finish it a few weeks ago, but I decided to reread some instalments to make sure my previous impressions held up. Sure enough, they did.

I spent a lot of time binge-reading Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo Yasesasetai this past week. My original intention was to read a little bit each week, but I found that I couldn’t stop reading after I finished volume one. Camilla and Alois live in a world that hasn’t been overly kind to either. Whilst Camilla has made numerous mistakes, she is a much more sympathetic character than the woman that she was dumped for. In any case, I hope to write up a lengthy review on the series in its entirety when I finish it.

A big thank-you to both newcomers and veteran readers of this blog. I hope that you are enjoying the content. Here’s hoping that you will have a happy and productive week!
I leave you this song collaboration between the talented Jason Ross and the awesomeness that is Dia Frampton. If you like what you hear, be sure to check out the links in the video description.

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World of Keiko 2020/01/14

I managed to post a lot this past week, enjoying myself in the process. I hope that you guys enjoyed the content.

Last week’s posts:

The sunbirds have been nesting again. The nest under the house also seems to be getting used as well. I am so happy! ❤ As well as the other birds nesting in the area, several trees in the neighbourhood are in bloom again.
We got a bit of rain towards the end of last week. It was a pleasant change but we still have a long way to go before level three water restrictions are lifted from our township. In any case, it appears that we will be going into a weekly mowing schedule in the next week or so.

On Monday night, I was woken up by my hubby who told me that there was a weird critter in the yard next door. Reluctantly, I got up and looked through the toilet window to see what appeared to be a rat about the size of a medium-sized cat. The weird thing is that this rodent-looking creature had a furry tail like a marsupial but didn’t hop. It hopped away soon after, leading to us not getting any photos of it. I doubt that the mystery will ever be solved, but it was pretty cute to look at.

This past week, the developer of Microtown added EA Update #4: The Pig Update. This update focuses on animal units. It adds sheep and cows to pens (the buildings already existed in-game) with these units also being interactable by carriers including the existing pig units. It also adds in a few more buildings to go with the addition of cow and sheep products. On top of this, it deals with a bunch of bugs, improves on some existing units+ buildings, It might not seem like a big deal to some, but it reinforces the difference between a lot of indie developers and the likes of Bethesda.

I’ve been listening to a lot of the albums of alternative rock group Studebaker’s Baker Shop this past week. Every three to four months, I find myself returning to their tunes. When I came across their music on Jamendo years ago, I never knew that they would become a regular listen whilst walking along the esplanade when I was living in Hervey Bay. I also listened to K-Pop boyband Superjunior and Fleetwood Mac’s Tango in the Night during that period as well, with the latter being a good addition for running around the circuit.
I’ve also been listening to classic rock bands such as Rush, Styx, Foreigner, Asia, and Europe, with the occasional listen to a greatest hits compilation of Blues Rock legend Steve Winwood. Sure, some of his newer tracks (the ones from the mid to late ’80s) moved to a more adult contemporary sound, but those tracks are what led to me liking his music in the first place. The earlier stuff was just the “icing on the cake”.

Hubby and I finished watching Kemono Nichi: Rise Up! this past week after waiting on the English dubs. It lived up to my quirky inclinations but is certainly not for everyone.

Hubby tried rewatching Assassin’s Pride again this week. Last time around, the first episode was enough for him to stop. This week, he forced himself to watch around six episodes before he gave up.

I read a lot of manga and webtoons this past week. Unfortunately, my return to reading Mission of Love has proven to be less than ideal, with me seeing some flaws that are the trademark of the era in which the series was published. On a good note, I still have a lot of other series to fall back on should I decide to discontinue this title.

I continued reading some recently-started titles this week, as well as the series Armoured Girl Monette. Whilst I have been reading more series with a major romantic plot, it is nice to read something the deviates from the norm, which I’ve found with this series so far. Whether it holds up until chapter fifty-seven… I have no clue, but I am willing to see how this light novel pans out. Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo Yasesasetai is also panning out to be a fun read. There are also six chapters. So, I will also be able to enjoy this odd story for a few months before it concludes.

Of all of the new series that I’ve come across during the past week, one has me most excited. I first came across the webtoon adaptation of Remarried Empress a few weeks ago and highly enjoyed it. Well, it turns out there is a light novel version that is currently being translated into English. Yes, I will start reviewing it soon because it is a great premise so far and I am guessing that light novel will cover some things not touched on in the webtoon. The light novel is also further along as well, which means that it will take me longer to reach that stage known as “stare at a calendar as I wait for a new instalment”.

A big thank you to readers who’ve been following this blog for an extended period of time, and to new followers. Whichever category you happen to fall into, here’s wishing you an enjoyable and productive week filled with good company and some fun stories to engage with. I also welcome you to post about what you’ve been reading about of late in the comments section.
I leave you guys with the following track by talented composer Tom Day. If you enjoy the track, check out the links in the video description.

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Manga Review: Mission of Love Vol. 3

Alternate Names: Love Mission, Missions of Love, xx Me!, Watashi Ni Xx Shinasai!
Year: 2009 – 2015
Author/Artist: Ema Toyomo
Genre: Shoujo, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life

Yes, it has been a while since I read this series. Volume 3 covers chapters ten to fifteen of this series.

After Akira’s decides to finally act on his feelings for Yukina, it is the fully-fledged beginning of a love triangle. The return of Shigure’s girl-pal Mizumo Mami further complicates matters as Yukina misunderstands Shigure’s relationship with her. In lieu of this, Yukina decides that it is better to quit with the silly love missions. However, Shigure gets p*ssed and declares that he wants to continue in order to jerk her around. It is abundantly obvious that he likes her but is in denial, because… shoujo… In any case, Yukino finally manages to create a mission that makes Shigure hilariously uncomfortable… for about ten seconds… A peeping Mizumo decides to crush Yukino because… bitchy and manipulative shoujo love rival… Hmm… She kicks up her attempts to be “friends” with Yukino in order to make it easier to find a weakness and even begins messing with Akira.

Well, this series is a good example of what to expect from the era in which it was published. The time since I last read it allowed me to gain a fresh perspective. Unfortunately, it means that some of the elements that are standard for this series are just plain annoying.
An example of this is in the form of Mizumo. She is so two-dimensional that it hurt reading scenes with her in. We get it, she likes Shigure all to herself. But that is about it for her character. She lacks even a minor amount of depth to the point where she just comes off as a plot device. Akira is better but he doesn’t fare better.

So, what does this mean going forward? Well, I think I will give the series one or two volumes to see if it improves. If it does, then I will continue. And if not… Well, you guys get the gist anyway. I do not want to waste my time on a series that I feel is subpar to others within the same genres.

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Webtoon Review: The Knight and Her Emperor Ch 1 – 10

Alternate Names: Emperor And The Female Knight, Kaisar dan Ksatria Wanita, Koutei to Onna Kishi
Year: 2019 (ongoing)
Writer: Glasses Monkey
Artist: Team Iyak (Winter & Heyum)
Genre: Shoujo, Manhwa, Action, Drama, Romance

On the day that Luxos I of Acrea achieves his goal of conquering the entire continents he realises that he’s fallen in love with his female knight Pollyanna…

Twenty years earlier…
With each noble family of the kingdom of Ehas required to provide a member for the military, lower aristocrat Duke Kellenbell sends the daughter from his previous off to die on the battlefield thus solidifying her younger half-sister Ryanna’s position as heir of the Kellenbell duchy. Pollyanna is put into the care of a veteran who takes it upon himself to train her ahead of the teenager being conscripted into the war between Ehas and Cukda at fourteen years of age. (seems that the two countries have a long history of fighting each other)
Luxos is the son of the King of Acrea. Father and son discuss the state of the continent due to battles such as the conflict between Ehas and Cukda. When his father passes on during the following winter, he is coronated. He takes on that promise that he made to his father and begins plans to unify the continent for the sake of those within it.

By the sixth winter of the war, Pollyanna has worked her butt off to eventually become commanding officer of her own platoon. She ponders her future, then petitions to take time off of. A visit to her family home reinforces the fact that she is not welcome there. So, she decides to gather information. Based on odd troop movements, she eventually comes to the conclusion that the Acrean Empire will soon invade. However, her report is quickly rejected by the higher-ups on account of their own cockiness and sexism. Not long after that, Acrea attacks.

Now in the midst of his campaign to unify the continent in order to become the first emperor, Luxos has been busy creating strategies for taking over various regions with Ehas being one of the first targets. When he hears of a young commanding officer from an enemy unit that has managed to escape during an ambush, he is intrigued and commands the commander to be taken alive. However, when that officer is eventually captured, the “man” before him exceeds his expectations and he asks if offers her a place as one of his knights. Unfortunately, the realisation that she is a woman results in the command of an execution by beheading and he leaves. Knowing that she will be raped ahead of being killed, she begins to fight.
Meanwhile, Luxos is in his tent reading reports on a certain young officer named Pollyanna Kellenbell who was demoted after making a certain report… Regret over losing a potential resource, his musings are disturbed by the sound of a scuffle nearby. After fighting off Acrean soldiers for three hours, Polly is bloodied and bruised. Yet another request on her part to be executed is promptly denied by Luxos and she is again asked to join the Acrean empire out of recognition for her talents. She accepts and is asked if she wishes to retain her last name. She declines and Luxos gives her the name Pollyanna Winter.
As talk about how Polly is treated spreads, we meet Donau, Sir Baopalro’s son. Resenting the fact that he might have been overlooked to become a knight because of a random female soldier from the enemy, he begins to resent her. We also get to learn more about Luxos’ advisors via their attitudes towards Pollyanna and her ideas and they discuss giving her a piece of land after conquering Ehas in order to remove her from the equation as they do not trust her due to her defection.
As Pollyanna is sufficiently recovered from her wounds to do light duties, she tries to make herself useful to the army. Repeatedly rebuffed, she is eventually asked to cook by Sir Baopalro because he thinks that she might be able to cook good food. (positive sexism – you betcha!) She then shows her expertise by preparing a nutrient-rich yet nasty soup. (come to think of it, it sort of reminds me of an infamous soup that my mother cooked back when I was still dating hubby…) She has officially proven that she is a sh*tty cook and Donau is asked to assist her, much to the dummy-spitting idiot’s chagrin.

I came across this series by chance about a month ago. I found the premise interesting enough to give it a read. I quickly found myself drawn into the tale of Pollyanna and Luxos, two characters that I couldn’t help but root for. As for the romance aspects, it appears to be a slow burn series. So far, the male and female leads barely know each other. Their relationship status is currently that of boss and loyal employee.
This series begins with an endpoint, showing how Luxos will view Pollyanna by the time that his army reaches the other side of the continent. [the promise with a ticking clock of sorts] Knowing that he will eventually develop feelings for Pollyanna tells the reader the direction that this series will take. However, what it doesn’t tell us is how they will get to that point, which is the entire point of the series.
The first ten chapters give background on the main characters, establishes the situation that they find themselves in and what challenges they will likely face in future. It is also a new beginning for Pollyanna after she is captured by the Acrean military trying to take over her idiotic kingdom. Why? Because her talents will be acknowledged by those that actually care about the welfare of their own soldiers. Contrast this with the Ehas commanders tendency to rely on the “choke the enemy with our dead” method of warfare. It is an understandable and logical reason for the female lead becoming a knight of Acrea. There is also the prospect of seeing new places as Luxos’ campaign to take over the continent progresses.
Both Pollyanna and Luxos are exceptional individuals from significantly different backgrounds even though they are of noble blood in their respective countries. Pollyanna is the child of a first wife (parents are divorced) who is treated poorly by her father and stepfamily. On the other hand, Luxos was close to his father. In spite of this, both are intelligent, perceptive and knowledgeable. Seeing the duo act separately is fun enough. However, seeing them working them together is sure to be so much better.
Another point of note is how the author portrays military discipline. Pollyanna is tough as nails because she lived and breathed the military life. The mentorship of the veteran that her father left her with played a huge part in her abilities and knowledge. If she hadn’t persevered, she would not have got as far as she had during her time as a soldier for Ehas. Certain concepts have been drilled into her, and those concepts have allowed her to survive. She is disciplined and stands up for herself without being a b*tch. However, she still needs a purpose beyond simply living your life day to day. This is where her desire to help Luxos achieve his goal of becoming an emperor comes into the equation. A soldier needs a good leader to provide a further purpose. Most people need to be conceived that the purpose is meaningful as well. In the first chapter, Polly’s mentor also touches on the importance of a purpose. In any case, she looks the part of a bad*ss military officer.

To the subject of rape in the first ten chapters…

Looks like its time for Polly to stab a bitch

Whilst I absolutely adore this series so far, I do find the artwork somewhat curious. Whilst the characters are easy to distinguish from each other, the eyes weird. They either fit into the pinpoints or medium-sized category, contrasting with a lot of Manhwa series that have either tiny or large eyes. Does it hurt my enjoyment of the story? No. I just think it is a weird choice.

I recently discovered that this story is based on a text-based novel. Given what I have currently read of this series, I will likely read the novel at some stage.
If you are interested in checking out this series, new chapters are released every Friday at Tappytoon (series page).

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Manga Reread: Hapi Mari [Chapters 31-40]

Other Names: Happy Marriage?!
Year: 2009-2012
Author/Artist: Maki Enjoji
Genre: Josei, Romance, Comedy, Drama

After dragging my feet on this title, I decided to finish the final ten chapters of the reread. I will hopefully get around to doing a review of the reread of the entire series in the next week or so.

In chapters 31 – 40, we see more shenanigans on the part of Hokuto’s ex-girlfriend Shitara and also from certain parties within the Mamiya family. The passing of Hokuto’s father leads to revelations (and confirmation) about the death of his mother.

The final chapters of this series do a wonderful job of tying up loose ends. We see closure for Shitara, the revelations of a murder and the promise of a new beginning for Hokuto and Chiwa that is not bound by a weird request by gramps. There are hints of them quickly starting a family as well. The end of this series feels just as satisfying as when I first read it years ago.
It also saw lots more characters. However, it still makes use of some annoying traits of shoujo, especially in relation to Chiwa constantly keeping secrets in an effort to protect or not burden Hokuto. This gets tiring quickly but is still one of the regularly-included ways to draw out conflict within a series. Come to think of it, it is one of the drawcards for other genres over shoujo. And yet, the series is tagged under “josei”. In any case, keeping the series at only forty chapters is probably a good move if for this reason alone.

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Manga Review: Okobore Hime to Entaku no Kishi Vol. 3

Alternate names: The Leftover Princess and the Knight of the Round Table, The Leftover Princess and the Round Table Knight
Year: 2013
Author / Artist: Kaori Katsuki and Rinne Ishida
Genre: Shoujo, Fantasy, Romance, Reverse Harem

Reviewer’s Note: Volume three consists of chapters 11 – 15 of this 18-volume series. This review reflects the Aqua Scans English fan translation.

Princess Leticia learns of a fire on Mount Gran that can devastate three nations if they do not join forces in order to get it under control. Further discussions result in a collaboration that she believes will be beneficial in the present and future. However, she soon finds herself injured after trying to save young Astrid when a trap sends him toppling into a ravine. With Leti being heavily injured, the two of them attempt to evade those trying to track down and kill them.

I have dragged my feet on this title as I knew that it would soon come to an end due to the series being discontinued after only seventeen chapters. However, volume three proved to be more than worth it given how much it progressed the story. The betrayal by those within the White Knights was foreshadowed in a volume one when a close ally was magically controlled by an enemy to attack Leticia. A natural disaster is an interesting setting for the shenanigans of an enemy bent on harming Leti and her allies during a time when they are trying to protect so many. It makes for compelling reading.
We also see how Leti’s first knight accepts his position as her servant, putting into question whether the creators ever intended to turn them into a couple in the first place. In volume three, he’s become less and less relevant to the story. This is further supported by her being referred to as “queen of hearts” in volume two, as well as the fact that she agrees to review marriage candidates again in volume three. Any suggestion of a romantic plot between them has all but evaporated. It feels like a broken promise. That being said, a lot of people didn’t like him as a character for some reason. I wonder…

It seems that there are actually 18 volumes of the completed series. Unfortunately, very little has been translated into English so far. Here’s hoping that some more peeps decide to do so because it is a fun series. It also turns out that there is an English translation of the light novel floating around the interwebs which I intend to read at some stage.

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World of Keiko 2020/01/07

Last week’s posts:

It actually rained a bit over the past few days. Whilst it will take some time for the plants to perk up, and there will likely be numerous nights where we will deal with flying ants, but the local critters need the plants to make their existence a bit more bearable. There are also farmers in the area that need the extra rainfall for a bountiful next harvest. On top of that, there is still a heightened fire risk due to the unseasonably dry summer we’ve had so far. In any case, we still need more rain all of the ways along the coast and inland.

It has been a very productive week. I have a few resolutions for 2020. As mentioned in last week’s post, goals should be intentional and actionable. In any case, below is the basic list of the things I intend to improve upon this year. I will try to think of ways to make these goals actionable:

  • Be more organised
    • Yes, I know that this should be a given but I have been really slack in this department. This needs to change and requires me to settle on a regular cleaning and tidying schedule.
  • Read more
    • text novels (inc. Light novels): I have been working on ramping this up in the past month, with a focus on light novels. So far, so good.
    • manga and webtoons: See section above.
  • Write more (fiction and non-fiction):
    • I want to create meaningful words rather than Lorem Ipsum placeholder equivalent nonsense. It doesn’t matter if it is fiction or non-fiction because there is a creative aspect to any form of verbal/written communication.
  • Improve fitness and health:
    • Exercise: Whether engaging in lifestyle exercise or by using equipment such as the treadmill, I need to get fitter. It has to be sustainable as well.
    • Diet: One of the big obstacles to improving my health is with portion size. I’ve started reducing caloric intake via intermittent fasting as well as in using smaller receptacles for food and drink.

This week, I set about the long-needed task of cleaning and reorganisation of rooms around the house. When you visit certain rooms and feel depressed at how untidy and disorganised they are, it is probably a sign that you need to deal with it. Being in a messy house also makes it easier to lose important stuff. An example of this is in my recovery of four screwdrivers that had gone missing and had fallen down between boxes in a spare room. So far, so good. However, I will need to keep up on a schedule for keeping the house in good order. First things first, I need to have each room in the house cleaned at the same time at least once because that should give me a good idea of a starting point. It isn’t completed yet as I tend to clean around hubby’s work schedule.

I haven’t spent much time playing computer games this past week due to binge-reading a LOT of manga, webtoons and light novels. That being said, I did manage to pick up Microtown on the last day of the Steam Winter Sale. The game is still in early access but the developer seems to be putting a lot of work into improving the game by dealing with bugs and adding new features. The pixel style is actually a selling point to me as is the colour scheme.

I finally got around to reviewing Arifureta. I’ve been dreading it for weeks because I have this aversion to writing bad reviews. It is a case of “if you cannot say anything nice…” but I know that the point of giving a review of something is to go over the pros and cons. In any case, I am glad that I finally got that very annoying, turd-flinging monkey off of my back.

Whilst hubby was about to give up on One Piece, he soldiered through and saw a change to the scriptwriters that had damaged the series a few seasons in. The addition of new characters and some fun arcs brought back his joy of the series. This is a good thing as there aren’t a lot of series that he enjoys. If he was a manga reader, it would be a different matter as there is a wealth of ridiculous OP shounen series to meet his particular preferences.
As for me, I didn’t really watch any anime. The last show that I watched was Cautious Hero. I should, however, catch up on Rise Up! Animal Road. I haven’t watched any of this series for several weeks, providing some more English dub versions to get stuck into. I also should see how many English dub episodes of Demon Hunter there is as I am not up to date with that series either. I may very well have to go over some older anime such as Heroic Age in order to get my fix, but I find myself preoccupied reading a lot of manga and webtoons of late.

I read a lot of manga and webtoons this past week. Whilst I still have a backlog of completed series that I still haven’t finished reading (something I hope to address in the next month or so), I got around to reading and reviewing a few other series that I started reading in the past month or so. Doctor Elise is still one of the better series around, but I hope to review chapters of odd series such as A Capable Maid and Beatrice in the next few weeks. It is a never-ending fight to keep up with my backlog of manga and webtoons. Not a bad “first world problem” to have, to be sure.

The already-completed series that I hope to finish reading and rereading are as follows:

  • Happy Marriage (reread): I’ve been dragging my feet on this one for months.
  • Mission of Love: I kept getting distracted with other titles after I started reading this one earlier this year.

There are a few new (at least to me) webtoon series that have caught my eye.

  • Strongest Abandoned Son: A transmigration cultivator story. Whilst there are a lot of series in the same vein, this one managed to make me laugh a bit more with its use of cliches. In spite of my suspicions in the first few chapters, it hasn’t turned into a harem so far. Whilst it isn’t an original idea, especially with series such as I Was Trash around, this series is still an enjoyable read.
  • Legend of the Tyrant Empress: An off-the-hook Wuxia comedy that makes use of a more serious beginning to create contrast for the insanely silly stuff to follow. I laughed a lot as I read this series, which made a mockery of drama wuxia stories whilst also delivering flashy, over-the-top fight sequences featuring an overpowered, crazy-*ss female lead who is the product of a self-fulfilling prophecy on the part of those that were assigned to raise her. Holy crap, I ❤ the crap out of this series.
  • What Kind of Empress Is This?: A comedic Isekai romance about a customer service lady who becomes an accidental Empress after trying to placate in person a difficult customer who repeatedly contacts her call centre. It also has some of the best-looking hands that I have seen in webtoons so far.
  • I Am Behemoth Of The S Rank Monster But I Am Mistaken As A Cat And I Live As A Pet Of Elf Girl: Whilst there are some ecchi elements to this dungeon adventure comedy, it has some really cute moments between the male lead (knight reincarnated as the S-grade monster, the kitty behemoth) and his elven adventure ward.
  • The Tyrant’s First Love: I am not usually a fan of a vampire romance because they both suck and blow, but this story is actually a compelling read. Two other series that I highly recommend is the tackily-named Blood Type Love (Urban Fantasy) and The Vampire & the Maid (Fantasy Isekai).
  • Scorching Romance: Imagine a fantasy-tinged version of Lovely Complex if the male and female leads had supernatural body temperature issues.

I have been keeping up with Return of the Female Knight. However, I haven’t spent time reading Endo and Kobayashi’s Live Commentary on the Villainess of late. I also came across a few new light novel series over the past few weeks that I find promising:

  • The Villainess Wants to Slim Down Her Husband: It is not an original idea, but this light novel version of a manga series has some amusing dialogue by the villainess in question. I have to admit that I kind of adore her chubby hubby Alois as well. He is an interesting character that seems comfortable in his own skin even if he has issues with his health.
  • Did You Know the Playboy can Change His Role to Sage?: Another long-winded title for the light novel version of a manga series but it is a fun read so far due to the first person POV. If you like ecchi boobs then the accompanying art might be of interest as well. I just find the artwork (with gravity-defying over-sized breasts) hilarious. The main character is intelligent and his confidence is backed up by skill. He also doesn’t apologise for having a sex drive.

I’ve been playing with an idea of late that I have been obsessing over. I am still trying to deal with some of the foundational components of the story and setting, but I am liking the idea so far.

It has been a really busy yet fun week. I’ve been more motivated as well, which has led to me being a lot more productive. However, I still have a long way to go before the level of output will be considered standard. I hope that you’ve all been keeping well over the past week and that the time has been productive.
I leave you with the following music clip by Delta Heavy. The storyboarding for the clip is pretty neat and the song includes the awesome vocals of Jem Cooke, a singer that I’ve been seeing featured in a few indie song collaborations of late. Bes sure to check out the video description for more information on Delta Heavy and Ram Records.