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Keiko’s Video of the Week #009

In this ninth video of the week, I have decided to post a pottery tutorial by the talented artist Hokujoh. As simplistic as the humble teapot may seem on the outset, we see numerous variations in style and structure around the globe. In the video, we see Hokujoh use a method originating in the municipality of Tokoname to create this lovely little teapot that I have no doubt that he has recreated time and time again. I will leave this one with you to enjoy.



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Keiko’s Video of the Week #007

We are now seven weeks down and I’ve shared a few neat videos over the past two months, ranging from history to language. Given that I haven’t posted a video on art in a while, I have decided to share the following time lapse video by talented artist Sakimichan, aka Yue Wang. Yue gained notoriety over the past year or so for her collection of gender-bending reimagined Disney Princesses. The collection was gobsmackingly good. I have seen a few time lapse videos of digital artworks being created and I have to say that Yue Wang is in my opinion, one of the best digital artists around today.
Why did I choose this video when I could have chosen something else? Obviously, the subject matter is somewhat important given that it deviates from my earlier video of an artist pimping out a guitar. The video relates to the creation of a digital artwork and makes use of Adobe’s Photoshop rather a physical medium. Whilst this video doesn’t necessarily offer much of a tutorial, it clearly shows mastery in play. Like any medium, digital art requires a whole lot of dedication. Not only is the artist having to deal with the aesthetic, but they also have to make use of software that often requires a steep learning curve.
Yue Wang likes to experiment with different ideas and this week’s video is no different. Whilst many artists like to reimagine human character as anthros, Yue has chosen to flip the script by transforming cartoon characters as human beings. In this case, we see the reimagining of Lola and Bugs Bunny. I think that it manages to capture the style and personality of the two Loony Tunes characters in a manner that only Yue can.

You can find Sakimichan’s youtube channel here. You can also find her rather popular Patreon page here.


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Keiko’s Video of the Week #003

For this third instalment of the segment, I will be moving onto the art of Joe Fenton, a rather talented dude that a friend that I used to live near shared on facebook. Fenton’s work, in my personal opinion, is a good example of mastery and focus. He can work on a few mediums as well, leading to the commission that we will see documented in this week’s video.
The video goes through the evaluation, planning and implementation stages of the commission, giving viewers a good idea of what it takes to create high-quality artwork on a uniquely shaped medium like the guitar. Fenton has to approach the build with the medium in mind, using tools that will enable him to take that agreed upon design and transfer it onto the electric guitar. It is awesome to watch and reminds me of what Chip Foose goes through when he modifies cars.

You can find Fenton’s topic channel here, but be sure to check out his official website for more info on what he does as the channel seems oddly lacking in regular content.

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Introducing Herb Q Kendrick

Name: Herb Q Kendrick
Herb Online: Right Moods, Right Moods @Twitter, Right Moods @FacebookHerb Q @Youtube 

 I first become acquainted with Herb Q Kendrick on Facebook several years ago, back when he was living in Tokyo. At the time, he was performing comedy and music at various clubs, and also taught English to Japanese students. He produced a couple of podcasts on the side, one of which discussed Japanese snacks. He did voice work that included Romanov Higa ‘s CATBLUE: Dynamite [clip] [summary] and some voice acting for the English version of Kenta Fukasaku’s Battle Royale 2 Director’s Cut. I would find out later that he was also a fiction writer and more recently decided to focus on drawing. Whether he is working on an oil rig, chef, singing, writing or drawing, Herb is a highly motivated, talented dude.

Herb Q rocking a Marvel t-shirt

Herb Q rocking a Marvel t-shirt

Herb’s new project is Right Moods, a website that is home to his limited edition digital artworks. The work ranges in style from scenes inspired by the various cultures of Africa to the other side of the world in Japan. You’ll also find some other works that don’t fit into either but you’ll note that rich use of reds and blues throughout his entire catalogue. I seriously recommend that you guys check out the website and consider purchasing a piece.

I also recommend folks check out Herb’s Youtube channel. Soon after returning to the USA, he reunited with some musicians that he played with before he moved to Tokyo. Fatjoy band is a group from Greensboro, NC that performs covers of funk, R&B and soul. You’ll find a bunch of their performances posted on the channel along with some other material on the channel.