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Politically, I class myself as a slightly left-leaning centrist but understand that things are often more nuanced than we give credit for. I believe in personal freedom but I also see a point in the government implementing programs such as health care, pollution reduction and education as well as infrastructure development and management. This all costs money, however.
We have to be honest as to where that money comes from. Putting money into these various programs means that money is being taken from other programs. We also need to think in terms of value for money spent on these programs. Even then, there is a tug-of-war going on across the population because there is rarely a consensus about where money should be spent.
Add to this the challenge of an ageing population. This creates its own share of issues to deal with. As people get older, there is a heightened chance of diseases such as Cancer and of those that cause Dementia. How do we also allow this ageing population dignity and agency?

Personal freedom also comes with personal responsibility. We all have the ability to decide to work hard and make what we do our passion. This is an idea that tradesman turned celebrity Mike Rowe has discussed recently. Simply put, we all have the capacity to take pleasure in what we do but some of us are blinded into thinking that there is a perfect job for us.

There is value in well-equipped and highly trained law enforcement and military. I’ve heard calls to disband police departments in the West, an idea that is flawed, to say the least. Some claim that crimes are the result of a “bad day”. It ceases to be a bad day when a person has made a habit out of a criminal act. It also ignores agency and personal responsibility.
How do we channel negative energy into a positive force that gives meaning and purpose to the individual? It is all well and good to talk about cracking down on crime but we also have to consider alternatives to crime. How do we cut down on crime in a way that gives each human being dignity and a sense of purpose?
There is also terrorism both domestic and abroad. How do we reduce radicalisation in a manner that gives people a sense of agency and dignity? How do we offer a safe and meaningful alternative to violence and hatred?

I am not a single issue voter and doubt that I ever will be. Below are some issues that I care about: –

  • Health Care: especially mental health
  • Clean Energy: Clean Energy options such as solar energy not only have a benefit for the environment but also to the reduced chance of harm to human beings.
  • Education: Education should facilitate learning and to impart concepts such as critical thinking and logic that helps human being contribute meaningfully to society.
  • Equality of Opportunity, not Equality of Outcome: This is a focus on personal freedom and agency. No special treatment based on sex/gender, ethnicity, religion, age or political affiliation.