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This is the vacation village of Australian housewife D L Owens, reader (I understand a lot of words, some of which are in different languages), writer (I sometimes put those words together into sentences and paragraphs to convey meaning), New Media buff (check out those muscles when I’m lifting a tablet!), Anime fangirl, Gnome huntress extraordinaire (I am shorter than a lot of adult females that I know), Last Action Femme Fatale (in her own mind), Appreciator of Nature (I like pandas), Jack-of-all-trades (she likes to read), and devourer of Mexican cuisine.

I am an Atheist and practising sceptic. I say “practising” because scepticism is a series of habits that are developed over time. I am not perfect, therefore stuff will get past me from time to time. I used to be a Christian back in the day. Then I decided that I shouldn’t have to do mental gymnastics in order to believe something. If a faith system asserts truth, then it should be able to hold up to scrutiny. Telling people to have faith is idiotic when the thing that you are supposed to believe and have faith in is not backed up by evidence.

As for my other ideological standpoints, I would say that the term Egalitarian seems to fit a lot better than other worldviews. However, I have to clarify that I probably do not fit under the classification of a classic Egalitarian because I try to view the world through both the Psychological Science and general science lens.
People are at the core equal, but ideologies are free game. People can attach themselves to shoddy ideas without even realising it, and some may very well cling to such ideas even when the flaws have been made obvious for all to see. I do not expect people to change their worldview easily because some derive their entire identity from a specific worldview. We should not hold it against them, simply keep on pointing falsehoods and false narratives out whenever we see them. There will be resistance, but we must show kindness and compassion to others regardless because we are in control of what we do and how we react. Help others where we can, within the constraints of what is feasible. That also means asking another person how best we can help them in order to give them agency in their own future rather than expecting them to accept assistance that doesn’t even consider their own situation.
That is the particular branch of Egalitarianism that I include myself in. Please note that there are different sub-groups of Egalitarianism and it is often best to ask which subgroup of an ideology that a person agrees with in order to avoid misunderstandings. Heck, sometimes asking that question will be enough to have a person clarify it in their own mind. Think of it as evaluating one’s own worldview. From time to time, I find myself asking myself if I agree with a previous position on an issue in an effort to really think about the points that others have made since I last thought on the matter. I don’t feel that I have to be rigid in a belief, but I would prefer to have those pesky premises at least implicitly point to my conclusion.

Politics? That is a tricky one given the manner in which political parties and governmental systems are typically set up. There are a lot of different components. There are three areas in particular that I care about. Note that I also care about other stuff, but I have narrowed it down to these ones in particular.
The first issue of relevance is the environment. Whilst I agree that environmental protection is important to both humans and non-human health, it also poses a problem in that cleaning up pollution and rolling out cleaner energy takes both time and money. It is also difficult for people that have been using fossil fuel based energy to change over without sufficient encouragement. Many argue that the government should stay out of the environmental protection business, ignoring how much it will affect human health to have large plumes of carcinogenic material spewing from smokestacks. We can look at recent examples of Beijing and Los Angeles during the 80’s as an indication of how far we’ve come. Beijing has an ongoing problem, but the nation recently declared major pollution reduction and clean energy targets between now and 2020. Changes to the rules relating to vehicle pollution changed the city of Los Angeles from the previously smog-covered city where people had to wear masks in order to not breathe in toxins to a place where the population can walk around and merely have to concern themselves with being mugged. The government shouldn’t be restricted from making smart choices regarding improving the health and well-being of their people. The laws just have to keep in mind that not all people understand science because people are becoming less scientifically literate in the west over the past few decades and some are moving towards bogus ideas such as Flat Earth and Young Earth “science”.
Marriage equality is also an important issue for me given that I have friends and family in the LGBTQ and some polyamory community. This is also somewhat nuanced as I also see some value in removing gendered rules and laws banning polygamy. It is important that consenting adults have their rights respected and addressed equally. The latter of polygamy also creates a further conundrum when it comes to custody, and therefore should thoughtfully and meaningfully address the rights of all involved. The government needs to refine and roll-out laws that remove gender from the equation, and give consenting adults equal rights whilst also considering the right of children. It will be tricky, but it is time for governments to deliver intelligent and fair laws relating to “coupling”.
The third major issue is religion. Having been on the other end, I am well-aware of how much influence religious groups seek to have in society as a whole. They will often use manipulative ways in order to indoctrinate child from a young age, including handing out anti-gay and anti-masturbation leaflets to primary schoolers. In the case of religious education in schools, the people delivering the information are usually looking to convert to their specific religion and denomination rather than give a comparative look at religion as a whole. The curriculum is also devised to meet this goal, leaving out members of other religions and denominations to reduce competition. I may not agree with the Theistic worldview, but if it is addressed, then I prefer a curriculum that teaches comparative religion instead of being a tool for indoctrinating students into one specific religion. When the students are old enough, they should be given the tools to make an educated decision about what they believe or not believe in. A government should not be in the job of endorsing a single religion and/or denomination.

On this blog, I will be posting about a bunch of things that I like on this blog on top of updates about what I am up to. As such, you will often see posts about Anime, Manga, TV shows (this includes Asia drama), music, books and cuddly critters. You will also see a regular educational and inspiring video shared each Wednesday. The goal is to release high-quality content about my many interests that will entertain and inform. I don’t expect you all to enjoy the same things as I do as tastes tend to be high subjective in nature. However, you might discover something of interest on occasion, whether it be a new show or movie.

To the reviews, I would like to point out that the views are my own opinion. I don’t expect each person that swings by here to have the same opinion of what I review. Tastes are, for the most part, subjective in nature. If you have a different view of the anime, books, manga, TV shows, movies, software, etc… feel free to comment, attempting to post within the bounds of agreed-upon sentence structure and grammar. This allows others to understand you as well, and open up room for discussion. I don’t expect people to keep it clean, but try to avoid flame wars as that is the enemy of a productive and thoughtful conversation. I also encourage folks post recommendations as well, because word of mouth is a great way to discover new things.

Here are a few other things that I am interested in:

  • Computer gaming: I enjoy visual novels and anime-themed games. I am also currently playing the MMORPG Black Desert Online where I am an officer in a guild.
  • Psychology: Due to my family and religious background (I am now an Atheist), I have a sizable interest in Psychology and the workings of the brain.
  • Fluffy animals… especially bunnies…
  • Food: I love watching videos on food, especially the procedural variety
  • Sport: I enjoy watching people play competitive games, and periodically follow MOBA competitions
  • Sleep: I really like to sleep on occasion. I know, right? Who would have thunk it?

I would also like to encourage folks that also blog on the same subjects to shoot me a message as I’d like to network and share new and interesting blogs to guests and regular visitors. Musicians should also feel free to contact me about what they do. Writers are also more than welcome to drop me a line.

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9 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m glad i stumbled upon your blog, Anyone who likes anime, MMORPGS and movies is cool in my book 🙂 Keep up the great work on your blog!

  2. Reading your About page has shown me what a full-time homemaker is capable of! And I mean it’s all good. For fear of coming across as ignorant (a pretty standard thing to my wife, heh), I now see Australian housewives in a totally new light.

  3. Yo, nice blog, wondering what spam application you use for comments because i get a lot on my blog.

  4. hi mate, happy holiday and i enjoy my time here.

  5. “Gnome huntress extraordinaire”—That. Is. Awesome.

    I have to ask: Oatmeal cookies with raisins, chocolate chips, or neither?

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