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Art Challenge: 2020-07-06 Vintage

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Today is my sixth day doing a July sketchbook challenge from Tinkerlab. Today’s prompt is “Vintage”. Understandably, this word conjures up a host of images, ranging from old b&w photos taken by members of the black ships during their efforts to broker agreements with the Japanese people during the 1860s, to that of old record players. These items give us insight into the people during the era in which the item originated. Some of that history is messy, whilst other artefacts are a sign of the tenacity and innovation of that time. No matter the situation, we can learn about the values that those individuals sought to emulate within themselves.

In today’s case, I was drawn to an era of science fiction where the western world dreamed of exploring the stars, It was an era of space ships, laser guns, dashing heroes, robots and aliens. Halfway through the 1940’s WWII ended and the western world sought to rebuild with numerous big projects. This time also led to the ambition to colonise and explore other planets. Whilst the space race would be some years away, the subsequent fiction revolving around adventures (and misadventures) in space captured the imagination of the masses. Film studios soon took note, seeing it as a great way to make money. But these stories would be quite lacking if not for rocket and UFO designs seen on both film posters and book covers.

Today’s reference was used intended for a blow-by-blow copy, I soon found myself working on more a technical image. Still, the linework is shoddy and some of the old shading and linework that I tried to erase are still visible. You can also see the remnants of some exhausts at the base that I was experimenting with but scrapped because they sucked big time. On top of that, the proportions make the vessel look way too wide in comparison to the reference image. I can certainly clean things up significantly in software such as GIMP. I’m not sure when I will get around to it, however, as I have a lot of stuff planned for the month. Maybe I can do a challenge next month involving editing all of the artwork I produced this month… I’ll have to think about it.
All of this being said, I made use of a ruler for trying to determine the height of certain elements whilst rendering the drawing. This was somewhat useful and it is often recommended for beginning artists to use rulers in determining relative size between objects being referenced. I am unsure how much this helped compared to the “eyeball with a drawing implement” method. In any case, I still have a long way to go before I can whip up a cool spaceship or bad-ass Super Saiyan.

Now that you’ve seen what I got up to today, I’d love to hear about any of the challenges that you are currently engaging in. Feel free to post about it in the comments section. I’d absolutely love to hear about it.

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