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Art Challenge: 2020-06-02 Torn

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Today is my second day doing a July sketchbook challenge from Tinkerlab. I started a bit later than I would have liked, but I was pretty excited about the subject matter. Today’s prompt of “Torn” had me grinning incessantly as I kept thinking of the album cover Left of the Middle from Natalie Imbruglia back in 1997. When the album came out, it garnered an understandable lot of interest. Of the numerous tracks on the collection, the one that seemed to have the largest interest was her iconic cover of the song Torn which they used as the first track.

Given the lovely chaos of Natalie on that album, I felt that it best conveyed the bitter end of a relationship. They are torn apart by a love that doesn’t dig deeper, one that isn’t strong enough to deal with the changes that often occur in people as they get older. One might easily argue that this love is superficial in nature.

To the end result, I focused predominantly on general shapes, positioning and proportions. I had to do quite a bit of erasing to deal with a problematic chin and the eyes. Whilst the latter looks a little off-kilter, the chin is a lot better. As for the nose, I had to do a bit of work just to get it to this lessened state of crappiness. I have always had issues with both noses and ears. In the case of the latter, I decided to not worry too much as I was quickly running past my arbitrary deadline. I did, however, try to get the placement of the ears right. Lips? I wanted to keep it simple as I quite like subtle linework in basic sketches. Fuller lips would have made the subject more feminine, admittedly. Still, I like the simplicity that a little bit of linework provides.
I know. I know. The drawing looks a bit androgynous, is untidy and rough AF. However, I really wanted to practice drawing from a human reference in order to hone my currently-lacking skills.

Was it an enjoyable prompt? Yes. It is also something that many of us have experienced. Loss, even the self-created variety, weighs on us. However, it can also provide us with the ability to do things better next time. We can be more mindful to tell people that we care about them in future. We can be less judgmental. We can become better versions of ourselves if we allow ourselves to learn from the past rather than running from it. It often requires a bit of reflection to consider root causes, but it is worth it if we ever hope to create meaningful change rather than the superficial variety that we see so often these days. This “style over substance” problem is anathema to being good citizens and good people in general because it has no interest in truth, just appearance. Anyway, enough of that rant…

I hope that the resolution for the image is a bit better this time around. I perched it in the side room where there are better lighting conditions. Still, it looks darker outside for some reason. Given that I am taking photos on my mobile phone, do any of you have suggestions as to how to deal with the lighting issue. I am currently using a Windows Lumia 930 phone in case people have app recommendations. Any web service that I can upload to or free Windows image editing software that you deem helpful would also be helpful.

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