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Art Challenge: 2020-06-01 Spice

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Yesterday, I mentioned in an update post that I would be engaged in an Art Challenge for the entire month of July. If all goes well with the challenge, I will probably be doing more in future. However, we all need a starting point. This time around, I decided to go with a July sketchbook challenge from Tinkerlab. Whilst the site caters primarily for people with children, I found their explanations clear and accessible enough that anyone with an interest in honing their drawing skills can gain benefit from the daily prompts.

Today’s prompt was Spice. Whilst I initially thought of Vanilla beans, I decided to do a google search to see what some reference websites say on the subject. It took me down a bit of a rabbit hole, wherein I learned a little bit more on the history of the spice trade ahead of settling on a recreation of a botanical drawing of the fascinating Galangal plant. A gardening YTer named Rob Bob has discussed a bit on the subject of growing Galangal which he grows every year in his Aquaponics set-up and I have been considering tracking down some rhizomes to grow this plant for at least a year now. Between this and the lovely botanical image of that foliage and flowers, I was sold on using this as a reference for my sketch this morning. Here are some links that I used for anyone interested.

Anyway, below is my sketch for today. It isn’t great, but I think that it does a passable job of showing the major features shown in the original image. Whilst not perfect by any means, you have to start somewhere. Sometimes the proportions will be off. In this case, I didn’t bother to spend much time shading as I wanted to focus on getting the shape down. With time and effort, I will get better and quicker at this.

I apologise for the crappy resolution and lighting for the photo that I took of the sketch with my phone. It really cannot be helped but I will think of ways to improve the quality of sketches during the period of this challenge. If you are also doing the challenge, feel free to drop me a line in the comment section to let me know about how your own first day went.

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