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Anime Review: Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou

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Alternate Names: Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest
Year: 2019
Episodes: 12 (English dub version)
Genre: Fantasy, Isekai, Action, Adventure, Harem, Ecchi

Yep, I am finally dealing with reviewing the atrocity that is Arifureta. I’ve been putting off doing so for over a month because I was pained by the whole experience. I never got the chance to read the manga that this series is adapted from, but I hope that the anime is not a good representation of the quality because it was a bit of a letdown given the hype ahead of the series being released.

When an entire class is summoned to a fantasy world, they are given the typical spiel about fighting a demon lord and monsters in an effort to save it. Hajime Nagumo is your typical otaku. However, he is friends with Kaoru Shirasaki, the most popular girls in his class, which results in jealousy from Daisuke Hiyama, one of their classmates. Little does Hajime know that it will soon result in attempted murder.
During one of their early outings in dungeons, the class is accidentally teleported to a dangerous level of the dungeon, they have to face off against a raid boss. Hajime does his best to use synergy powers on a bridge to give them a chance of escaping. However, he is targeted by a schoolmate using magic and subsequently falls into an even more dangerous level.
As he tries to navigate the level, Hajime loses his arm to one of the monsters and manages to barely get out by using his synergy powers to burrow. As he is bleeding out, he is saved by drinking some healing water. When he comes to, Hajime manages to defeat one of the monsters and eats some of its flesh. This will inevitably lead to him gaining tons of experience, increase some stats and gain some racial abilities of that creature.
As he uses this  “shortcut” for gaining abilities, he saves an imprisoned vampire girl named Yue who he develops a romantic relationship with. As they explore the dungeon, they soon learn the real purpose of its creation, one that may very well put he and Yue in conflict with the divine powers. Also, he manages to get a prosphetic arm and stuff…

The main reason why I left reviewing this series for so long is that it caused me a lot of pain thinking about it. In the beginning episode, we are promised a darker tone for the series, but it ends up turning into a harem comedy around the halfway point. There was no foreshadowing, just
The occasional CG is also bad, the producers obviously trying to outdo the crappy 3D gen from the third season Overlord. Whoever signed off on the CG must have been trying to tank the show because it took deliberate effort to allow something that bad to be included in this series. This series seems to go for a digital aesthetic but ends up feeling cheap.

In spite of these things, there were some good points for this series. Yue and Hajime’s relationship works really well. In the last few episodes, we see how secure she is in their relationship. When Kaoru and Hajime are reunited, she meets Kaoru’s attempt at gaining Hajime’s attention with the equivalent of, “Bring it, b*tch!” Hajime is also quite secure in their relationship, rebuffing anyone that tries to interfere with his relationship with Yue.
The harem elements for this series offer a plethora of weird waifus vying for Hajime’s attention. This ranges from the sledgehammer-wielding over-sexed Bunny-girl Shea to dragon-girl pervert Tio. If only the series promised this over-the-top harem silliness from the beginning instead of a darker series.
I also like characters such as the teacher. In most series like this, a teacher is often left behind. Aiko Hatayama genuinely cares for the welfare of her students and continually worries about them being put into harm’s way. She becomes more proactive over time, working towards helping out farmers affected by the various conflicts. She is also accepting of Hajime after she meets him during an expedition.

Best characters of the series: Hajime, Yue and Aiko. I really like how Hajime and Yue’s relationship plays out. I also like Aiko’s nature and adaptability to the situation.
Worst character of the series: Daisuke. He is a weak character that tries to kill Hajime to get closer to Kaoru but doesn’t even put effort to become closer to her after that. He is also freaking annoying beyond that.

In conclusion, this series had a lot of potential but was inevitably let down by broken promises and crappy artwork. This could have been easily avoided as well, by the producers being more attentive and actually care about making a good show. If the studio producing the series don’t care enough to do quality control on the script and artwork, then the end result is will more likely end up as a complete mess. So, it pains me to say that I cannot recommend this series at all. I really wanted this series to be good but the cons heavily outweigh the pros.

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