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World of Keiko 2018/02/25

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Hey, guys! I hope that you guys have been keeping happy and healthy. What have you been up to this past week?

This week’s posts:

It was another busy, productive week even if the last few days were a little “meh”. I am certainly not complaining because I did have fun and get a lot of stuff done. I did a few chores that have been on the backburner for weeks, but I still have a backlog of things I need to do. It isn’t a big deal because I’ll always have something around the house that needs to be sorted.

I read a lot more manga than I watched anime this week. Whilst I enjoyed some of the manga, one of the series left a bad taste in my mouth due to the complete change of focus. (FFS Butterflies, Flowers!) Whilst a change can sometimes make a series interesting, breaking promises made at the beginning of the series is a break in trust with the reader. It ended up ruining my momentum for the rest of the week. I might give it a miss next week or leave it to last.
I did, however, manage to finish my rewatch of Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun, a series that has this ability to cheer me up. I will be posting a rewatch review of the series in the next few days. Man, I ❤ that show!

This week, I watched The Mist (2007), Rampage (2018), The Meg (2018), and Upgrade (2018). Oddly enough, how I listed them happens to be in the order of most to least liked.

  1. The Mist (2007): Science Fiction, Horror. Steven King’s The Mist is a little long in the tooth but manages to hold up pretty well considering. The good casting and use of effects both CG and otherwise, manage to do a great job of drawing the viewer into the odd drama occurring inside of a supermarket after a military experiment creates a portal to another dimension allowing horrific monsters to enter this world. Even the stupid ending seemed to go with the theme of humans being their own worst enemies.
  2. Rampage (2018): Science Fiction, Action. When three canisters of mutagenic material from a space station fall to the earth after an accident, a former military guy working with primates finds that his best buddy, a smart ass gorilla, has started growing at an unprecedented rate. As the three products of the experiment grow larger, grow more aggressive and develop other odd traits, they are drawn to Chicago by the mega-corporation that created the experiment for an epic showdown of daikaiju proportions. Awesome and fun stuff even if some of the scenes were a tad silly.
  3. The Meg (2018): Science Fiction, Horror. One of the numerous prehistoric shark movies, this is one of the better films featuring a megalodon as the main threat. Good technology design, even if the plot overlooked a bunch of things. However, the film still managed to be quite entertaining.
  4. Upgrade (2018):  Science Fiction, Action. When I first saw the trailers for this film more than a year ago, I was excited. Alas, about all the film had going for it were the gory action sequences. The plot was weak, with telegraphed twists and a host of baffling moments. It was a huge letdown, with easily rectified problems.

Of late, I’ve wanted to up my lovey-dovey writing game, which has led to me looking for some good examples of romance writing. Whilst the goal is not necessarily to write strictly romance, I do want my stories to include the development of romantic relationships. On Monday, I spent a bit of time reading some Harlequin Online Reads in the “Let’s Fall in Love” category. I got lucky and found two that had a pretty good synopsis backed up by writing that mixed the right amount of drama with a decent payoff without relying on sex scenes. (Sex scenes used appropriately can help move the story along and show us more about the cast. However, a lot of romance titles tend to use them predominantly as filler.) It was time well spent as it was exactly what I was looking for in the way of examples. These were:

  • Husband Material by Melissa McClone
  • A McCabe Proposal by Cathy Gillen Thacker

I got a lot done in the way of planning and organization of my writing notes. Whilst Saturday morning was spent consolidating my OneNote notebooks into genre-based notebooks, the rest of the week was spent updating notes and researching. At one stage, I was worried that I had lost a bunch of notes. Thankfully, I didn’t lose a bunch of notes for an old project that I have spent months working on over the years. But it certainly did give me a fright. Anyway, the process of consolidating notes was a lot of fun if occasionally frustrating. I also wrote a few scenes to get them down before I lost momentum due to other matters.
One thing that I did come up with is the origins of an artifact book possessed by a character in one of the worlds that I am currently heavily invested in. Given that her story touches on the adventuring career of her paternal grandparents, it occurred to me that the origin of their own relationship was worth writing about in a short series. They were, after all, a bi-racial couple (male human and female elf) whose lives have been quite colorful, if grandpa Wilhelm’s stories are anything to go by. It got the cogs turning and the answer became clear. I like tying all of these elements together and the solution made sense given the quest Wilhelm was on when he first meets Alyyri. If I can put most of the pieces together ahead of time, it will hopefully avoid unnecessary work in the future. But hey, only time will tell. I will try not to get too cocky but I feel confident at present.

Starting Friday, we had a bit of rain after a dry spell. The dry spell resulted in the foliage dying off a bit. This should help with the development of the cucumbers growing on the vines, as well as the general health of the vines. I still have at least six more cucumbers growing on the vines and the single pumpkin growing nearby is now the size of a mid-sized cantaloupe. The latter is probably a month or so away from being harvested. It won’t be long before the growing season is finished.
Whilst I am feeling happy about the success of these vines, I still feel like I missed out on a few opportunities. I was, for instance, hoping to establish some large Birdseye chili bushes along the front fence before the cooler months set in. I think that I have missed the chance now as I never managed to get the seeds. Oh well, there is always next year.

Anyway, that is it for this past week of updates. Here’s wishing you an awesome week in the days ahead. I leave you with a final word: Banana.

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