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Manga Review: Getsuyoubi Kara Kataomoi

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Year: 2015 (completed)
Installments: 5 and an after story
Author/Artist: Hisa Kyoumachi
Version: Chbi Manga (English fansub project)
Genre: Drama, Shoujo, Romance, School Life

This series revolves around a “prince” of the high school trying to take a girl away from her boyfriend. It was weak, annoying and I cared so little about the story that I couldn’t even be bothered learning the name of the characters. I mainly continued reading because some part of me hoped that the story would get better. Sadly, I was wrong. Sometimes your first impressions upon reading the first chapter of a story are correct, which is very much the case with Getsuyoubi Kara Kataomoi. The only thing going for it is the artwork which was passable. I really cannot recommend it as either an entry shoujo or otherwise.


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One thought on “Manga Review: Getsuyoubi Kara Kataomoi

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