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Anime Review: Kamisama Kiss Season 2

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Year: 2015
Episodes: 12 (English dub version) 
Genre: Shoujo, Romance, Drama, Supernatural 

At the end of Kamisama Kiss season 1, we saw a mysterious figure take an interest in Nanami’s shrine festival. Season 2 begins with Nanami getting an invitation to a periodic meeting of the gods. Whilst a large section of the second season revolves around this arc, we also see Nanami coming into her own, as well as Nanami and Tomoe beginning to acknowledge their romantic feelings for each a lot more. This is affected by the two looking into each other’s past. This played out with sufficient subtlety and facilitated character development as a whole.
The second season also introduced a lot of new characters, expanding the cast dramatically. There is a stark contrast in personality for some of the gods, ranging from the lazy to the aggressive and downright murderous. Nanami manages to gain respect and develop friendships in the process. We also saw the return of Hamemiko of Swamp and her human beloved Kataro, which in a sense offered a contrast to Nanami and Tomoe’s relationship.  
We saw more of the world as well, which Nanami is forced to navigate. For instance, there is an arc revolving Kurama, our resident Crow Tengu. Whilst many of these perils are related to the new characters that she comes into contact with, our resident shrine goddess must also deal with the dangerous environment of the spirit world. Whilst we saw a bit of this in the first season, the second season Nanami’s kind and often gullible nature continues to place her in several dangerous situations.

Kamisama Kiss continues to be one of my favorite Shoujo series, just as it is for many of the shoujo fans that I am acquainted with. Whilst it never received a third season, I will have to read the manga and watch the several available OVAs to get my fix. That is, however, after I have finished a sizable backlog of anime and manga.

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