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Course Review: Learning InDesign CC2015: EPUBs

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Teacher: Anne-Marie Concepcion
Length: 4h 20m (course link)

Anne-Marie Concepcion is the co-founder of InDesignSecrets a website that offers templates and advice to people that use InDesign, alongside David Blatner. In Learning InDesign CC2015: EPUBs, Anne-Marie Concepcion discusses how to create a reflowable EPUBs using InDesign CC2015. Whilst newer versions of this software offer some different features, many of the things covered in this course will carry over.

This course assumes that you already have some training in InDesign. If you don’t have any experience with InDesign, then it is really worth taking time out to do David Blatner’s course InDesign CC 2017 Essential Training or a newer iteration ahead of time. With this under your belt, you’ll be prepared for this course as well as Anne-Marie’s course on Fixed-Layout EPUBs.
The structure of the course gives students a grounding in the pros and cons of reflowable EPUBs and how to create an ereader-friendly file. This includes rules for formatting, how to achieve these in InDesign, differences in e-reader software, some tools to assist with verifying your reflowable EPUB and where to find information regarding the changing trends in Ebooks. It is all packed into a compact four and a half hours.
Much in all as I found the material covered in this course to be useful, I turned up the speed of the player to 1.25 times quicker. Why? She tends to speak a bit slower than that of Blatner. It is more of a personal preference thing.

I recommend this course to anyone curious about how InDesign can be used for creating EPUBs or for people looking to put the material into practice. I’d also recommend checking out the other offerings of Anne-Marie Concepcion and David Blatner. This pair knows what they are talking about and will teach you what you need to know to get your InDesign skills up to a professional level.

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