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Course Review: Outlook 2016 Time Management with Calendar and Tasks

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Teacher: Gini von Courter
Length: 2h 54m (course link)

As mentioned yesterday, I started a learning pathway on LYNDA. Outlook 2016 Time Management with Calendar and Tasks is the second part of the Improve Your Organizational Skills learning pathway. The previous course encouraged the use of calendar software that syncs across various devices, which is where Outlook 2016 comes into play.
As a small caveat before I continue, I haven’t used a version of Outlook for many years. To be honest, I am more familiar with versions of Mozilla Thunderbird from at least five years ago. Whilst I can see a purpose for this sort of software, I find it easier to use a browser for managing my emails. However, I do use the app One Calendar which is connected with my Google account.

Gini von Courter gives a comprehensive look at the features of this product. As with David Rivers, she uses the fictional business of Landon Hotel to base her lessons on. Over time, the basics covered in the beginning are built upon giving students a good working knowledge of the features.
Whilst students will get a good working knowledge of the software, the longer lessons might be unappealing to some. The materials were well-organised, to be sure, but they tended to drag on longer than needed to get the material across for me personally. If you don’t mind taking a bit longer, this will be less of an issue.

In conclusion, this course did a great job of making me familiar with the features of Outlook 2016. Whilst I doubt that I will change to it anytime soon, I highly suspect that the course will be a great help to anyone using Outlook 2016 in a work environment where they will coordinate with numerous people. I’d also recommend to anyone considering purchasing the software.


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