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Creative Prompts 2017-07-12

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Today’s prompt is the second-last instalment in my current series. Today’s theme is “Night”. At the mere mention of this word, many of us immediately think of certain things. Given its tie to “dusk”, it evokes the sense of an end to the day and rest. Many of us also think of mysteries at Midnight and secretive cults meeting at abandoned churches to do human sacrifices, perhaps led by Steve Buscemi. Who knows why? Night also has a different context based on the region. As such, we see cities come alive with nightclubs and street food whilst rural areas grow noticeably still. The concept of night will often be tied to the lunar cycle.

Sorry about the lack of quote prompts this time. Hopefully, the prompts that I have offered will get those cogs working. In any case, best of luck with your creative endeavours. Now get to it! ❤


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