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World of Keiko 2017-07-10

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Ahoy there! Another week has passed. No grand or dramatic changes on my end, but it has seen a lot of protests by Antifa and Anarchist groups at the G20 summit in Hamburg. It has saddened me seeing how indiscriminate they’ve been. The ongoing trend has been the “us versus them” with more and more people joining the ranks of both the radical left and right. We tend to see more people cracking down on radical right-wing groups even though radical leftists are attacking people for filming them and are going around destroying other people’s property. Both are bad and they should be treated with equal disdain.

As bad as things are in some parts of the world, we also see glimpses of greatness and positivity that gives that glimmer of hope. We still see Elon Musk’s Tesla group continually innovating. We still see people going out of their way to help others via food for the homeless programs and trying to facilitate at-risk and in need individuals turning their lives around. We see people learning about the natural world and sharing their knowledge. So, regardless of the bad things that are going on in the world, we see people innovating and creating, helping others, learning and sharing their knowledge with others. These are all good things. Call attention to the bad but exult the good.

Hubby and I are still making headway in Saint’s Row IV. We haven’t clocked in as many hours this past week compared to previous weeks due to me wanting to spend more time writing but we did manage to get through a bunch of content. I also logged into Final Fantasy XIV last night and learnt about some promotion that offers a free (awesome) mount called the Falcon if folks subscribe for 90 days during the lengthy period of the promotion. Thankfully, hubby and I are both eligible. I look forward to riding, flying and venturing under the sea with that sucker when it finally gets added to my account.

On the writing front, I have started writing scenes randomly, stuff that I know will appear in my main series and want to get out of my system as they are becoming quite distracting. I’ve done this with a previous project before and it resulted in a lot of useful material. It is unfortunate that I never pushed on with that series. Perhaps I will go back to it after I have finished the first instalment in the Freak series. We’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, that is it for the week. I would like to offer a big thank-you to readers that have stuck with me over the past year or so. I do appreciate your ongoing support and hope to have some shinies for you soon. I have chatted to a few of you already and all of you to drop me a line to let me know a bit about yourself. I leave you guys the following nightcore song from the Astyles Music channel on YouTube.


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