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Creative Prompts 2017-05-03

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It is the third day in our series on colours. Today, the theme is “blue”, the third part in the RGB colour model. This colour has likely already brought to mind numerous ideas. We often think of water, the sky, feeling “blue” when we are down, and the colour often evokes a sense of calm. On top of the prompts, I would encourage you to spend time looking at the sky and a body of water if possible.

I hope that the prompts for this theme help you either flesh out an idea or seed something meaningful. If you have any other words, articles, audio or art that you think fits well into this theme, feel free to post in the comments section. Best of luck with your creative endeavours!


Author: keikomushi

Reader, Writer, New Media Buff, Anime Fangirl, Gnome Hunter, Last Action Femme Fatale, Appreciator of Nature, Jack-of-all-trades.

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