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Creative Prompts 2017-05-02

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Hey there! I am back again with the second creative prompts in my series about colours of the spectrum. In line with yesterday’s colour red, today’s theme is ‘green”. Why green and not a primary colour? Well, I decided to go with the RCG colour model, of which green is a primary additive colour. (see RGB color model article on Wikipedia for further information.)
Green is one of those odd colours of the spectrum that tends to evoke more negative than positive connotations due to its connection with plants. Even in the desert, we see the thick green skin of plants such as the various species of the Cactus. We also tend to view a lack of green plant life as a sign of drought. It is also a colour heavily tied to blue due the blue being the symbolic colour of water.
No visual prompts today. I’d recommend visiting nearby parks and spending time in a garden or greenhouse. That should allow you to take in a sense that would otherwise be ignored – smell.

Those prompts should hopefully give you something to work with. If you have your own words or concepts related to “green” that you’d like to add, feel free to post in the comments section. Best of luck with your creative endeavours!


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