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World of Keiko 2017-05-01


It has been ages since my last update. As some of you are already aware, the Queensland coast was hit by Cyclone Debbie more than a month ago. Our area lost power for more than a week and local farmers now have to deal with ruined crops of cane and months of work building up soil due to fertile topsoil being washed away. As far as my hubby and I are concerned, the creek behind our house repeatedly came up to our back fence. We saw the froth of the topsoil and numerous items being washed towards the ocean throughout that time.
After the cyclone moved south and inadvertently led to Rockhampton suffering its worse flood in sixty years, we saw numerous helicopters flying directly overhead as it moved along checking for where best to send repairs and support teams. Most of the people in the area have a means to deal with power outages, leading to the perpetual hum of generators and the use of portable solar panels. It was yet another reason why I like it here. The people know to plan ahead and prepare for an extended period without phones and power.

In lieu of the extended period of time rationing power and internet, I found myself feeling overwhelmed by the idea of blogging. As it was, the whole thing also coincided with Camp NaNoWriMo. I wasn’t able to reach my word target in time but it at least got me thinking about a character that desperately needed attention. What it has shown me if that I seriously need to get into a regular writing schedule again. This might be put on hold as hubby has declared his upcoming vacation as “three weeks of Hell” as he plans on doing lots of exercise during that time to improve his help. That means that I am sucked into the vortex of health and fitness improve as well. I am seriously going to be sore…

I have also thrown myself back into playing Black Desert Online, forcing me to think of how best to deal with upgrading gear for my toons. I now have three pieces of TRI boss gear. However, I still need to get some Dim Tree Armour. This will make a huge difference to my characters as a whole. I am so glad that my characters can share armour and accessories otherwise this would be even more painful than it currently is. I have changed my node network in order to nab strategic points and also begun production of items such as Jukeboxes and muskets. This will likely change to fit with supply and demand as well as my own supply of materials. I may not be the using the most efficient methods for making silver in-game but it is currently something that requires very low maintenance on my part.


Author: keikomushi

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6 thoughts on “World of Keiko 2017-05-01

  1. I had noticed you hadnt posted anything. Never thought it would be because of something like a Cyclone. 😮 Good see you back.

  2. Didn’t realise you were in Debbie’s path. Glad you made it through okay. Hoping the region recovers quickly, though previous cyclones suggest it is going to be awhile before things return to normal.

    • We were in a spot that missed the really nasty part of the cyclone. Sure glad that we have some mountains nearby. They acted as a shield but a place thirty or so kilometers had to contend with a small twister. And all the while, silly truck drivers kept managing to roll their rigs. It was baffling. One of the big issues was the lack of a communications system for emergency services to coordinate. It took at least four days to get our local communications network up and running and at least three before the service station was able to switch over to generator power. Emergency services had to ration their fuel because it was at least three hundred kilometers to another working servo. Even with the service station up and running, the area was soon cut off due to the flood three hours away in Rockhampton. #funwithnaturaldisasters

      • So business as usual in terms of responding to a natural disaster then. Lack of communications is a real issue. I have family up that way and couldn’t contact them for days so just had to hope the news would keep us up to date with how things were going.

      • The restoration of communications thing was an epic tale in of itself. It is almost as if the communications network wasn’t meant to be found…

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