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Creative Prompts 2017-03-22

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Hello again! As promised, I have another set of prompts based on a notable place in the USA. This time around, the theme is “Chicago”.
Chicago, also known as “the windy city”, is home to the Bears, the Bulls and the Cubs as well as a rock band that adopted the name of its beloved city back in the 70’s and well into the 80’s. The people of the city are passionate about sport, music and food such as the famous “Chicago deep dish pizza”.  The latter has been subject to certain levels of rivalry with New York’s own pizza, leading to numerous ad campaigns any time that sporting teams from either city are up against each other. It was also home to Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey for many years.
It is a place with its own share of issues throughout its long history. Corruption, crime and violence have marred many of the city’s great moments. Figures such as Chicago crime boss Al Capone, serial killer John Wayne Gacy and corrupt mayor Rob Bagojevich have placed a permanent mark on the city as have the numerous gangs. The people of the city endeavour to move forward in spite of these terrible moments.

That should give you plenty to look at and listen to. As always, if you find the prompts useful or have suggestions for future themes, feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment.


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