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Creative Prompts 2017-03-21

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I apologise for the late post for today’s creative prompts. I got a little distracted with some stuff yesterday and earlier today leading to me not getting this entry out on time. In any case, I am back with today’s prompts. As mentioned yesterday, this week is a series of prompts based on several notable areas and major cities in the USA.
In contrast to yesterday’s theme about Hollywood in Los Angeles, today’s theme is New York. Most of us have several images that immediately pop to mind when we hear that name. It is the rare person that doesn’t link terms such as “the city that never sleeps” or “the big Apple” with this ageing city. The MTV film Joe’s Apartment shares its own unique vision of the city via sentient talking cockroaches dealing with a newcomer to the city. And who isn’t familiar with the New York shown in shows such as Friends and Seinfeld?
Many of the depictions of New York in pop culture are somewhat negative, with images of crime such as muggings and corruption. We see the odd rivalry between people from NYC and folks from New Jersey, a place known for its own share of political corruption. Marvel Comics has its own superheroes protecting the city from crime in the form of characters such as Daredevil.
We also see something else as well, that glimmer of hope from immigrants as they sail into the harbour to see the Statue of Liberty after their long trip. An example of these immigrants is Nikola Tesla, who arrived in 1884. We see tenacity and hard work, as well as a resilience to deal with disasters such as the terrorist attacks in 2001. New York is an old city but it has a rich history that cannot be legitimately denied.

I hope that these prompts are helpful to you guys. If you found these prompts useful or have suggestions for future themes, feel free to drop me a line.


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