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Creative Prompts 2017-03-20

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It is the beginning of a new week. How was your weekend? How did you guys go with the prompts that I gave you on Friday? I hope that whatever you did over the weekend was productive and fun as opposed to crappy and smelling like ass.
The theme for today is “Hollywood”, the beginning of a week-long series of themes about American cities. That word conjures up numerous images and ideas. It is the home of American film, a contrast to Pinewood Studios in the UK. It is where the rich and famous often gather, where young performers make pilgrimages to every year in the hopes of making their dreams a reality. It is a place where many of those same dreams are dashed and careers drown in the sea of faces. It is the home of scandals and masks, where people hide their own nature in an effort to stay on the front page of gossip and entertainment rags. It is also a lie that offers some element of truth about human nature.

That should give you a bit to work with. Even if you don’t create something with these prompts, perhaps you will learn something about yourself or the world around you as a result. The themes for the rest of the week are already picked out, so be sure to check back regularly.


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