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World of Keiko 03/13/2017

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It’s been another odd week. Whilst I was able to get most of my scheduled blog posts out in a timely manner, a large chunk of the week was made difficult by a sore neck and shoulders. I woke up on Wednesday morning and within an hour found myself in a lot of pain. It led to headaches and within a couple of days, I had to contend with nausea and digestive issues. Whilst the latter may not have been directly related to what I believe are pinched nerves, it certainly didn’t help matters. I am still in some pain but a change in pillows has helped me get sufficient sleep and reduced the discomfit upon waking. I can now play computer games, read and write without having issues with slight movements of my head. I am hoping to be back to normal in a few days.

Hubby and I did a bunch of cleaning last week, resulting in the entire house being significantly cleaner and tidier. I pulled apart numerous cardboard boxes and threw them out along with lots of other junk. I also packed books into manageable piles in the spare room ahead of an intended sorting and banishment into the ether sometime soon. The enterprise frees up a lot of room in the house and it now feels a lot more empty. We also hear a lot more echo as we move around the house which is a little weird but it is weird in a good way.
I can also be a bit more clear about my intention to create a craft room. Whilst this will likely be a thing in the future, I have other priorities now and all of the recyclables created a mess because of how they were stored. Hubby has put his foot down over them one as well, declaring that I will purchase real craft equipment and materials in the future rather than the cluster-f*ck the space had become over the past eighteen months. This will likely mean that I will get some shelves for the purpose somewhere down the line but that is something to think about later.

On the gaming front, I now have four characters with awakenings. I would have had at least one more with an awakening if I’d felt up to playing some more. As I mentioned last time, I really like playing Musa. However, as hubby pointed out they are a poor choice for a lazy gamer. As such, I need to step up my game when I play it. Maehwa is nearly identical but it feels slightly different for those slight changes in how the skills work. Whilst I am unlikely to get an awakening for a few weeks, I do find myself feeling good about playing both it and Musa on a regular basis. In any case, I will likely get the awakening for my Valkyrie over the next week or so.

On the writing front, I did manage to make some headway with Freak by writing a scene that will appear in one of the latter instalments of the series. I know that this doesn’t necessarily add directly to the first instalment in the series but it does offer me some insight into the motivations of two of the main characters. It also helped me make a decision regarding one of the other characters that will appear in all three of the series based in the same universe.
This brings me to several important decisions. The first is that I will be putting my serial A Small Town on hiatus for a bit while I work on some of the stories set in the Freak universe. I am also participating in Camp NaNoWriMo beginning in April with a word count target of at least 25k for the first of the three Drake and Mallone stories which are set in Chicago and deal with the more supernatural elements of the setting. If anyone else is participating next month and wants to share a writing cabin, be sure to hit me up with the details of where to send an invite or vice versa. I’ll try not to “talk your ears off”.

That is it for this week. A big shoutout to my new followers Yasumo from Unime, Monique from Healthy.Nappy.Nerdy.Mommy, and diabolical lurker Flavia from the Flavia the Bibliophile blog. I leave you guys with the following video clip from ProleteR.


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