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Anime Movie Review: 5 Centimeters per Second

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Language: English dub of Japanese production
Online: Wikipedia, IMDB, MyAnimeList
Genre: Drama. Slice of Life, Romance

I have held off watching this film for a while now because I understood from the reviews that it would be a more bittersweet slice of life romance. Given that I am a great big sook, I tend to avoid anything with too many feels. Why? Because feels usually results in me shutting down for a few days as I ponder the fates of those poor characters. However, realistically the world doesn’t always give you that happy ending that you so desperately crave.

5 Centimeters per Second is the story of the relationship between two people told in three parts, as told from the perspective of the pair Akari and Takaki, as well as Kanae, a girl with an unrequited love for Takaki but is aware that he will never feel the same way. It is about how distance can affect relationships even when we feel deeply about somebody. It is a sad story but one that I think many of us can relate to on some level.

This film is short. Even at an hour in length it still manages to pack a huge emotional punch. It is easy to care for each of the characters but we understand that sometimes life doesn’t always go as planned. This is the main point of the story, I think. When we are young, we have all of these high hopes and often want something to last forever. The real world doesn’t always play out the way that we want it. This makes the good times much more precious.
Makoto Shinkai creates such lovely stories and it is little wonder why people get so emotionally involved in his stories. He also does a wonderful job of translating them to the big screen, resulting in numerous awards and hype whenever one of his films are released. He’s also become a bit of a role model for up and coming storytellers as well because of it.

If you are willing to watching a short film that doesn’t necessarily have a happy ending, then you’ll probably appreciate this story. If not, then stay away because this film is not for you. *prompts grabs tissues*


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