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TV Review: Please Love the Useless Me Episode 05

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Year: 2016
Episode: Episode 5/10 of completed JDrama series adapted from a Josei manga series (English sub version)
Other Names: Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai
Online: Wikipedia (Re: Manga), MyDramaList, AsianWikiIMDB, KissAsian, DramaCool
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life, Drama

I decided to watch another episode of Dame na Watashi ni Koshite Kudasai this evening because it has been a while since I watched the show and it never ceases to bring a smile to my face whenever I watch it. We are now around the halfway point in the series and I am also somewhat curious as to how the live-action adaptation will deviate from the source material. Up until this point, the major deviation has been in the older brother of our male lead being deceased for several years which has no doubt changed the dynamic between Ayumu and his brother’s widow Haruko.

The fifth episode saw Michiko Shibata (Kyoko Fukada) share her first Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend Daichi Mogami (Shohei Muira) after getting some cooking tips from Ayumu Kurosawa (Dean Fujioka). The Valentine’s Day date scene played out wonderfully but it also foreshadowed something that will no doubt play out in future episodes. (I have my suspicions based on the manga but the live-action may deviate slightly.) We saw some adorable interactions between Shibata and Haruko leading to Shibata wanting to help Kurosawa with his romantic attachment to Haruko; as well as some wonderful moments with Akira Ikushima (Maho Nonami) as Akira continues to offer Shibata relationship advice as self-appointed “Big Sis”. However, we also see some lingering doubt on the part of Mogami over Shibata’s relationship with Kurosawa in spite of her denying anything romantic between the two.

I continue to look forward to each new episode of this series and cannot help but wonder why I haven’t simply binge-watched the entire show already. Shibata and Mogami’s relationship is very cute but is somewhat complicated by her own inexperience and subtle questions about how she feels for Kurosawa. We also see her learning a lot about the various characters, especially Kurosawa, through her meals with other people. However, we still see the appropriate amount of doubt from Mogami over her relationship with Kurosawa. Though the scenes played out slightly different from the manga, we see the spirit of the manga intact. To me, this series remains one of the better live-action adaptations of a manga that I have seen to date.

I will return with another review of the show soon.


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