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Sunday Playlist 02/26/2017

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Hello again! It has been a rather busy week but I am back with another playlist for you guys. In lieu of the numerous offerings available, I decided to release another playlist with the theme “Sweet Love” which brings together songs from a range of genres. With all of the things happening in the world, it is nice to sit back on occasion and think of something more positive such as that feeling that you get when you are with the person that you love.

  1. The Music Is In You by The Kyoto Connection from Awake [Argentina]
  2. The Symphony by Lyonn [USA]
  3. Open by Melanie Ungar from What Is Love [Canada]
  4. Feel This Way by Asaf Productions from Asaf Productions Vol.3 [USA]
  5. Sky by Ben Drake from Aftermath [USA]
  6. Silencio by Café Del Chillia from Best of… Café Del Chillia [The Netherlands]
  7. Like the Sun by Explosive Ear Candy [USA]
  8. Awake by Circa Vitae from Lovers EP [USA]
  9. Even Though by Ben Hammond from [Reasponably] Honest [USA]
  10. Reason to Believe by Giannespoli from Oh, Yeah. Wait! What? [USA]

Human connection is one of the most basic requirements of existence beyond food, water and shelter. So often, we take this simple thing for granted and miss out on the numerous benefits of being connected with another human being. We get distracted by things and those things that we cling to in order to find meaning and comfort become the means for us to lose something more precious. After all, what are things if we aren’t able to share them with someone special?
It is our family, our friends and our lovers. They stand with you and root for your success. They hug you and give you a pep-talk when you need it. They may not always agree with you but they won’t hold it against you because they know your heart. With this in mind, why not spend some time with the people that you care about to stay connected. Even if it is something as simple as a text, it can let them know that you are thinking of them.

You can find the playlist here.


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