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Sunday Playlist 02/19/2017

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This week’s theme is “future love”,  a collection of ten electronic tracks that deal with the weird ways that relationships will be dealt with in the not-so-distant future. Yes, the two tracks by Auquid were deliberately added. I felt that both offered a distinctly different “feel”.

  1. Dust by Numback from Swing [Russia]
  2. Life on Jupiter by The Nuri from Music Box [Germany]
  3. Bliss by Oniric from Dreams of Nowhere [France]
  4. Ragnarok by Auquid from Anarchy [Ukraine]
  5. All or Nothing (single) by Beat Laboratory [Great Britain]
  6. The Mind is a Complex Thing by Ben Drake from Written in the Sky [USA]
  7. In Da Summer [Jazzy Summer Remix] by Café Del Chillia from Best of… Café Del Chillia [The Netherlands]
  8. Who’s Your Baby (single) by Capashen [France]
  9. Do Geese See God_ by Circa Vitae from Circa Vitae EP [USA]
  10. When the Body Wants by Auquid from Within [Ukraine]

How will humanity deal with human attraction in the future? Many writers and futurists have their own visions of how something so simple will be addressed. Some of these ideas are absurd whilst others suggest unique and beneficial ways in which we can perpetuate our species whilst dealing with diminishing resources due to problems such as global warming.
How much will computer interfacing play a part in dealing with these needs? We’ve recently seen an upsurge in this subject being discussed in the media and in pop culture for decades. How do we address the need for human connection whilst also dealing with security concerns?
Human expansion into other parts of the universe will likely be a consideration as well given the physical constraints on space travel and the colonisation of other worlds. Is it feasible to construct colonies on the likes of our Moon in the not-so-distant future? Does the idea of living on another world or in space appeal to you?
On top of this, we see an ageing population with their own share of problems. How will we address their own physical, social and mental needs? How much will these methods affect those used to address the needs of younger people?

English: by victor Orly

English: by victor Orly (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the comments section, I would love to hear your thoughts on how you would address the very human need for companionship in the future. I have my own thoughts on the subject but I am curious as to how many of you have ideas of how to deal with this very human problem. I look forward to discussing this subject with you.

You can find the playlist here.


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