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World of Keiko 02/13/2017


Another week has passed. Hubby and I still haven’t moved the exercise equipment into our lounge room as yet. I did manage to finish and review the anime series Working!!, which turned out to be a fun watch. It took me ages to get to it, though. I also started posting weekday creative prompts and highly encourage folks see if the prompts are helpful.

To the writing front, I only managed to release the minimum instalment of my serial A Small Town last week. I had hoped to get another one out, but I got distracted with other stuff. I do intend on continuing the serial until the conclusion of the first season. However, the frequency will likely drop to closer to the originally intended weekly instalment.
On top of the weekly serial, I found myself working on the first chapter of Freak Book 1 over the weekend. I am close to finishing the rather lengthy chapter and will likely post it and the prologue later in the week. I will have to do some revisions before then to polish it to a standard that I deem worthy, but at least it will start being released into the wild much sooner than I had initially intended.

That is it for another week. A shout-out to new followers Storytellingcook, BeautifulKittens, and Ultimate Funny Animals. I leave you guys with this clip of the song Fire Inside by the band Ridgway:


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4 thoughts on “World of Keiko 02/13/2017

  1. Listened to the song. Been awhile since I’ve listened to a band…well one that sings in English. 😛

    • I wish that I knew Spanish and French because I tend to listen to a lot of music in those languages. I end up finding lyrics online and using Google translate which is notoriously bad for some languages in particular. Why can’t I seem to do lessons over at Duolingo more often? That’s right, I am a slacker.

    • For me, one of the biggest barriers for the learning Eastern and Middle Eastern languages is the script. Doesn’t stop me from learning about language systems from the likes of LangFocus, though. Also, we now have websites where people work as a community to learn languages free of charge rather than be priced out of the market. As such, I now know a bit of Dutch, German and French. I just wish that I knew more.

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