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Manga Review: Love So Life Chapters 61-70

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Year: 2008 – 2015
Author + Artist: Kaede Kochi
Version: XscansX (English scanlation)
Love So Life Online: Wikipedia, MyAnimeList, MangaFox, Kissmanga
Genre: Shōjo, Slice of Life, Romance, Drama

Hello again! It is that time of the week again where I take a look at the weekly manga instalments. We are in the final adorable weeks of the series Love So Life. Time to blubber like a child. WAAAAHHHHHH! Okay, maybe that is an overreaction, but even this close to the conclusion of the series, I am feeling a little sad. It is time to buck up, though, and get on with the job! (Yes, I totally needed to give myself that pep-talk.)

Shiharu receives some excellent relationship advice from an old lady living down the road from Seiji that she and the twins befriend. Spurred on by his reflections of the time before the twins came into his life, Seiji has dinner with his rather sweet and weird ex-girlfriend, Ayumi Fujita, helping them both move forward in their lives. Little Akane also discusses divorcing her reluctant boyfriend Kenta during dress-ups.
We move to Nao being grilled for mathematics notes before being pestered by that stalker girl. He finally does something to make his feelings to Shiharu plain, leading to some awkward moments for the two of them. She confides in Rio and considers the evidence that would have made his feelings obvious to anyone else but her. Finally, Shiharu talks to Nao and apologises for not being able to reciprocate as she already likes somebody else. (He knew that already, but whatever…)
Finally, Rio gets relationship advice from two girls at school. She explains the lack of something as simple as a schmooch for the five months that she’s been dating Takeru in spite of her numerous attempts to facilitate such moments. >queue hilarious flashbacks< We are once again shown just how much of an odd (and dense) guy that Takeru is. Rio finally plucks up enough courage to explicitly tell Takeru, clearing up his confusion as to what constitutes an appropriate moment for such things, resulting in an adorable kissy-moment.

Oh, my. This was a really eventful ten chapters. It is nice to finally deal with that elephant in the room that was Nao. I am grateful that it didn’t drag on for a longer period of time because that would have resulted in me wanting to throw my computer monitor out of the window in irritation. (Okay, maybe my second monitor.) We also have a revised deadline for the twins leaving for their maternal grandparents now as well. All of these things add up to some significant story developments.
As I have mentioned before and you have no doubt noticed in a lot of drama, some writers often drag things out too long. Thankfully, Kaede Kochi has not made this mistake with Love So Life. We also see the “dreaded ex” as a discarded notion, much on par with how former lovers are dealt with in series such as Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai (aka Please Love the Useless Me). I find this way of dealing with previous relationships somewhat refreshing as it refuses to demonise former relationships unnecessarily. Sometimes the ex isn’t a villain. Of course, sometimes they are but that is not the point that I am trying to make here. Unnecessary drama is unnecessary, period, and reeks of cliche.

So, now I have to deal with the last few weeks of reading the remaining chapters of this series. I think that I have made it obvious time and time again that I am suffering a little bit of grief over the upcoming conclusion of the series. However, that is all a part of reading a good story. You get attached to the characters. Much in all as you want them to achieve happiness, you will also miss them when they are gone.


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