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Creative Prompts 2017-02-10

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I’ve been wanting to start posting some creativity prompts for a while now. In the first of what will hopefully be an ongoing series of weekday posts, I will be posting at least an audio and a textual prompt for you to mess around with. The first will be a textual prompt which will consider either a quote, phrase, name or unusual word. The second will be an audio prompt that will be either a song, sound effect or archival sound bite. From time to time, I also intend to throw in a visual prompt periodically as well. For now, here are your prompts:

Here are today’s prompts:

Use these prompts as inspiration for a piece of writing (poetry and/or prose), artwork (the medium is not a big deal), an invention (maybe some sort of automated whatsagadget or gidgamadoodle), recipe or as a random thing to throw into a conversation. If you do come up with something, feel free to let me know about your creation. Be sure to add a link if you feel comfortable with people gawking at your work, keeping in mind issues with intellectual property.

Now get to it, meow!


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